Cat reunited with owner after 11 years of being lost

Dutchess County woman Diana Rocco has brought us an incredible story of perseverance and love. Meet Tiger, a 14-year-old cat who has been reunited with his original owners after an astonishing 11-year absence. Tiger’s journey back home is nothing short of remarkable.

"11 Years Later: Beloved Cat Rejoins Family After Long Search" - Yeudon

It all started when Carol and her husband John discovered Tiger wandering near their house in Dutchess County. They decided to adopt him and even had him microchipped for identification purposes. However, their joy was short-lived when Tiger ran away three years later after someone accidentally left the door open.

Heartbroken by his disappearance, Carol and John never gave up hope of finding Tiger. Then, years later, Tiger began showing up at Carol O’Connell’s house. But he was skittish and took several years for Carol to gain his trust and build a bond with him. Sometimes Tiger would be there, and other times he would vanish for months on end.

"11 Years Later: Beloved Cat Rejoins Family After Long Search" - Yeudon

Recognizing that Tiger needed care, Carol took the initiative and brought home a microchip scanner from her work at the SPCA. With hopeful anticipation, she scanned Tiger and was greeted by the familiar beep and a number appearing on the scanner. She wasted no time and called the number associated with the microchip, and to her astonishment, John answered the call.

Carol cautiously asked John if he was missing a cat named Tiger, describing him as a brown tabby. John’s jaw dropped in disbelief, and he confirmed that they had lost Tiger over a decade ago. Overwhelmed with emotions, Carol expressed her desire to reunite with Tiger, even though she knew he would have aged and gone through various hardships.

"11 Years Later: Beloved Cat Rejoins Family After Long Search" - Yeudon

Miraculously, Tiger had been residing merely two miles away from his original home all this time. While Carol admits that Tiger might not remember her after 11 years, she chooses to believe that he does. Although he appeared older and somewhat worn down, Tiger was finally back where he truly belonged.

"11 Years Later: Beloved Cat Rejoins Family After Long Search" - Yeudon

This heartwarming tale serves as a testament to the power of love and dedication. Carol’s unwavering commitment to gaining Tiger’s trust and her determination to find his original family has brought about a joyous reunion. Tiger’s return has left both Carol and John feeling blessed and forever grateful for this extraordinary turn of events.


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