Midjourney Reveals the Hilarious Reality of Being a Low-Stat Pokémon

Have you ever felt sorry for those weak Pokémon with lackluster battle stats? Thanks to AI art generator Midjourney, we can finally see the amusing mundane existence of pitiful ‘mon statistically destined to lose.

Midjourney’s Pokemon artwork depicts the daily struggles of low-stat creatures relegated to menial jobs instead of fighting gyms. A frail Magikarp flounders as a fish store clerk. Second-rate Gastly haunts an abandoned shack rather than mansions.

The images poke fun at overlooked Pokémon cursed with feeble power levels, low HP, and useless techniques. Rather than glory, they face a lifetime of being overlooked and underappreciated by trainers seeking elite monsters.

While comical, the art also conveys a touching message – there is dignity to be found in any honest work. Not every Pokémon needs to become a competitive champion. Sometimes just having a community supporting each other matters most.

By showing forgotten Pokémon finding purpose beyond battle, Midjourney reveals that worth comes from within. These humorous yet poignant scenes encourage cheering on all Pokémon equally, regardless of abilities.

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