A strange 25m long creature that looks like a giant snake washed up on the Russian coast

Unusual black creatures, as long as giant snakes, suddenly appeared on the beaches, making many people confused.

The strange creature is up to 25 meters long, like a giant snake

Many people in the Chukotka Peninsula (Russia) were confused and scared when they discovered many strange creatures, like giant snakes. However, the answer to their mystery was surprising.

Accordingly, immediately after discovering many strange creatures washed ashore, local people reported to experts at Beringia National Park to accurately track down these “monsters”.

Experts at Beringia National Park said this creature is not a sea snake or a sea worm. They are actually Nereocystis luetkeana, a relative of brown algae. This species is said to have “immigrated” from America.

They are distributed mainly along the Pacific coast of North America, from Unalaska Island to California. This type of algae can grow up to 25 meters long and gradually expands its canopy at the top.

In addition, at the end of the algae body, there is a bubble with a diameter of up to 20cm, looking like a snake’s head. They are not familiar creatures on the Chukotka peninsula.

Nereocystis luetkeana begins to grow in February, separates from the ground in December and “travels” on the sea surface across the Pacific Ocean. Often, the stems of this algae wash ashore on the Aleutian Islands and the Commander Islands (Russia).

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