America Gives Its Legendary Bradley Tank a 21st Century Makeover

The United States military has taken the wraps off its prototype for the latest generation of Bradley fighting vehicles. The M2A5 tank design retains the familiar Bradley silhouette used since the 1950s but integrates major technological upgrades.

The new Bradley model aims to increase lethality, mobility, and survivability on the modern battlefield. Key enhancements include improved armor, digitally networked systems, and a more powerful engine to become one of the Army’s most advanced vehicles.

The turret features advanced thermal sights, laser rangefinders, and remote weapon stations for increased targeting accuracy. Inside, the crew benefits from next-gen electronics like high-resolution displays and advanced computing power to analyze threats.

To boost mobility, engineers have incorporated suspensions better suited for off-road terrain along with new tracks that are lighter and stronger. The engine receiv

es a major horsepower boost for better speed and acceleration when needed.

Over the decades, the Bradley design has proven itself effective and versatile. The latest overhaul will extend its lifecycle while making it optimal for 21st century warfare. Enhancements make the vehicle relevant against emerging dangers like drones and advanced anti-tank weapons.

The updated M2A5 Bradley completed its first round of combat testing in 2022. The Army plans to begin integrating it into armored brigades next year. Up to 690 upgraded Bradleys will be delivered by 2028.

While incorporating cutting-edge upgrades, the new Bradley pays homage to the classic chassis relied upon by troops for generations. America’s battlefields may be transforming, but the Bradley’s stalwart design ensures it will keep rolling along into the future.

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