Behind the Glitz: Brittany Mahomes’ Raw Moment with ‘Saving Me’ IV Drip After Super Bowl Win

The 28-year-old shared a photo of herself getting an IV drip ahead of the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl parade

Brittany Mahomes is trying to get back on her feet after celebrating husband  Patrick Mahomes’ 2024 Super Bowl win.

On Wednesday, shortly before attending the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl parade, the 28-year-old posted a photo on her Instagram Story refueling with an IV drip after a few days of partying.

“Saving me always,” she wrote, tagging the co-owner of Gen 3 IV, a local IV hydration and wellness company. Although it’s unclear which treatment she received, the company offers several options, including a “Hangover Mix” to help with dehydration and nausea after a night out.

IV therapy has become popular in the last few years for people who feel under the weather from illness, jet lag and yes, partying. Revelers may go to IV therapy providers or have a nurse come to them in hopes of recovering from a night of drinking.

Brittany Mahomes getting an IV drip after celebrating husband Patrick Mahomes’ Super Bowl win.BRITTANY MAHOMES/INSTAGRAM

Dr. Travis Stork, ER physician, host of The Doctors and member of PEOPLE’s Health Squad, previously told PEOPLE that the trend started as a hangover cure due to a mix of B vitamins, vitamin C and magnesium.

“Vitamin drips and IVs after a night of drinking are an expensive option and definitely not a cure-all,” he explained. “They can provide hydration as well as electrolytes, which you may be lacking after a night of partying or over-imbibing. Despite the hype, though, there are no ‘cures’ for a hangover other than time, since many symptoms are from the buildup of toxic alcohol metabolites.”

If you are considering an IV drip for a hangover, Stork advises skipping the infusion and riding out the hangover the old-fashioned way.

“As both a doctor and a human being who has admittedly experienced a hangover, what I do is drink plenty of fluids with electrolytes before bed and in the morning, I eat a nutrient rich meal in the AM and give my body the one thing it needs to cure a hangover: time,” he said. “And once I start to feel better I repeat over and over, ‘Never again!’”

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