Beyond the Surface: Exploring the Futuristic Interior Design of Peugeot’s Inception EV Concept

It’s packed with cool tech, including a steering wheel that looks like a video game controller.

Inside the new Peugeot Inception EV concept

The new Peugeot Inception EV concept looks like a big cat ready to pounce.

Peugeot says the ‘feline stance’ of the five-meter-long car represents the design future of the French brand.

And that’s exciting because this concept car is packed with some pretty cool tech, including a steering wheel that looks like a video game controller.

Not to mention, it looks incredible.

Peugeot steering wheel

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The futuristic four-seat sedan was revealed today at CES in Las Vegas.

While it shares some similarities with the 2018 e-Legend concept, this new EV has a totally unique design never seen before from Peugeot.

For starters, the grille is a huge glass panel with three striking LED lights on each side.

And most notably, the car wears a windshield that stretches all the way down to the nose of the car, almost completely eliminating the hood.

Peugeot inception concept hood

Front of Peugeot Inception EV concept

The Inception has some pretty spectacular interior features.

For starters, the Hypersquare is a rectangular steering wheel that looks like it’s a video game controller.

It has a center-mounted tablet and four control rings which are operated by your thumbs.

When the car is in Level 4 autonomous driving mode, the steering wheel will also fold into the dashboard and disappear to reveal a panoramic screen.

Peugeot says the steering wheel will actually be seen in a production car by the end of the decade.

Peugeot Inception EV concept steering wheel

Peugeot claims the Inception EV has 671 horsepower which can take the car from 0-100km/h in under three seconds.

It also says its 100 kWh battery has a range of 800km or 500 miles on one charge.

Back of Peugeot Inception EV concept

While we doubt any production car will look quite like this one, Peugeot promises the concept car gives us a glimpse into its upcoming product line-up.

Speaking of which, Peugeot plans to go fully electric by 2030.

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