Boeing Accepts a $3.1 billion NAVSUP Contract for Aircraft Upkeep

The US Naval Supply Systems Command ωεαρση Systems Support (NAVSUP WSS) has awarded Boeing a five-year Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA) to provide upkeep services for aircraft control systems.

Boeing Bags $3.1B Aircraft Upkeep Deal From NAVSUP

The $3.1 billion contract is the largest award the command has ever awarded to the firm.

The BOA is “aimed at maximizing end-to-end support of all supplies and services deemed sole source to the Boeing Company.”

The contract covers the repairs, spares, modification, overhaul, and repair summary data analysis of 358 items in support of the F/A-18 A-D Hornet, F/A-18 E-F Super Hornet, and EA-18 G Growler Flight Control Surfaces Refueling Systems, Airframe Components, and Support Equipment, in addition to AV-8B/TAV8B Harrier II support.

Boeing Bags $3.1B Aircraft Upkeep Deal From NAVSUP

The BOA also supports the overall repair of related repairable line items.

The services are dedicated to US Navy and other Foreign Military Sales customers, including Spain, Kuwait, Australia, Finland, Malaysia, and Switzerland.

Boeing Bags $3.1B Aircraft Upkeep Deal From NAVSUP

‘Historic’ Scope and Size
“The scope and size of this BOA is historic and will pave the way for future Strategic Sustainment Solutions,” NAVSUP WSS Contract Director Cmdr. Joshua Hill said.

“This agreement was a combined effort between the NAVSUP WSS F/A-18 IWST and NAVSUP WSS Fixed-Wing Contracts Team, incorporating inputs from multiple stakeholders, working alongside a major strategic supplier for the Navy, all the way up to OPNAV and ASN’s office for approval.”

Boeing Bags $3.1B Aircraft Upkeep Deal From NAVSUP

Fixed Wing Contracts Director Lt. Cmdr. Michael Marchese added the deal is “fully aligned with improving the Navy’s End-to-End Supply Chains for multiple aviation ωεαρση systems under the broader Naval Sustainment System-Supply alongside one of the Navy’s most critical industry partners.”


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