Brittany and Patrick Mahomes Post Heartwarming Family Halloween Golf Photos

Patrick Mahomes retained the sports theme for his family Halloween costume with his wife, Brittany, and their two children. They rocked out golf-inspired outfits, with the two-time NFL Most Valuable Player being a golfer in a white-and-green outfit.

Meanwhile, Brittany and daughter Sterling Skye were dressed as caddies. Their son, Patrick Bronze, stayed in theme. They didn’t have to rent a golf course for the photos because they have a Par-3 course in their eight-acre residence near Belton, Missouri.

Patrick Mahomes and family hit the golfing green for Halloween

Brittany and Sterling Skye Mahomes wore outfits that caddies at The Masters typically wear. For context, it’s typically the first out of four major tournaments in the golfing calendar, with the winners getting the fabled green jacket.

The Kansas City Star’s Pete Grathoff wrote that Patrick Mahomes shared during his recent guesting on former teammate Alex Smith’s SiriusXM show:

“We definitely are. Along the lines of golf. We haven’t exactly finished what Bronze is gonna be, but I think I’m gonna be a golfer, so it’s nice and easy. Sterling’s got a caddy outfit, and then we’re trying to figure out what to do with Bronze and make him kind of complete the full family outfit.”

Here are more photos from the Mahomes family’s first Halloween with Patrick Bronze III, born in November last year.

"Capturing the Halloween Fun: Patrick Mahomes and Wife Brittany Share Memorable Moments with Kids Sterling and Bronze on the Golf Course - In Photos" -
Photos from Patrick Mahomes’ Halloween celebration with his family. (Image credit: Brittany Mahomes’ Instagram stories)
"Capturing the Halloween Fun: Patrick Mahomes and Wife Brittany Share Memorable Moments with Kids Sterling and Bronze on the Golf Course - In Photos" -
Sterling and Patrick Bronze Mahomes are celebrating Halloween. (Image credit: Brittany Mahomes’ Instagram stories)

As shown in the Netflix documentary series Quarterback, Patrick Mahomes had a Par-3 golf course built in the backyard of his new residence near Belton, Missouri. He bought the eight-acre property in September 2020 for $400,000, per Front Office Sports.

Dressing up as golfers and caddies for Halloween didn’t come out of the blue for the Mahomes family. Patrick is an avid golfer who has participated in two editions of The Match charity golf tournament. He first competed in June 2022, teaming up with Josh Allen. Unfortunately, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers defeated them.

He returned a year later in The Match VIII with Kansas City Chiefs teammate Travis Kelce. They won this time against the Golden State Warriors tandem of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, 3 and 2.

Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs travel to Germany in Week 9

The Mahomes family squeezed in their Halloween celebration before their patriarch left for Germany. It’s a business trip because Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs will face the Miami Dolphins at Frankfurt Stadium on November 5.

It’s a crucial matchup because they are two of the four teams that share the American Football Conference’s best record at 6-2. However, it’s uncertain if Brittany, Sterling, and Patrick III will also make the trip.

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