Brittany Mahomes Unveils Patrick’s New Lone Star State-Inspired Kansas City Business Venture

PATRICK Mahomes has developed a real taste for entrepreneurship over the off season.

The Kansas City Chiefs superstar, 28, launched an iced coffee brand Throne Sport Coffee and made it a No. 1 seller on Amazon with a T-shirt promotion.

Patrick Mahomes has been investing during the offseason

Patrick Mahomes has been investing during the offseasonCredit: Getty
His wife Brittany showed off his latest venture

His wife Brittany showed off his latest venture
Patrick and Brittany Mahomes have massive followings online

Patrick and Brittany Mahomes have massive followings onlineCredit: Getty

And he has now brought a piece of home with him from Texas.

Mahomes’ favourite restaurant growing up was Whataburger.

And he has opened his very own franchise in Kansas City.

The dominant quarterback even placed it on Sterling Street in a nod to his daughter Sterling Skye.

“@patrickmahomes opened a new @whataburger on Sterling Ave in Kansas City!!!” Mahomes’ wife Brittany posted on her Instagram story.

Mahomes has previously discussed his love for the chain with team-mate Travis Kelce and his brother Jason.

“The burgers are world-class, and they actually have a variety of things that you can get,” he said on the New Heights podcast when asked what his favorite restaurant is.

“They have the best ketchup I’ve ever eaten—and as a ketchup connoisseur, that’s a very high praise.

“Being a little kid that grew up in Texas [with] Whataburger being down the street and mom’s like, ‘I’m at work what are you going to do for food?’

“I had to go Whataburger every other day and I fell in love with it.”

Patrick Mahomes' new business venture revealed by wife Brittany as quarterback  takes taste of Texas back to Kansas City | The US Sun

Patrick Mahomes bought Brittany a dog for Valentine’s Day which Chiefs star’s wife named after Pittsburgh Steelers.mp4

Mahomes has invested in KMO Burger – a Whataburger Franchisee aiming to bring it to Kansas and Missouri.

KMO Burger plans to bring 30 Whataburger locations to Kansas and Missouri by 2028.

“I’ve tried to get Travis in on it a little bit,” Mahomes added on New Heights.

“I’ve put Travis on the Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit, which is a breakfast sandwich that they have there, and it’s really slept on unless you’re from Texas.”

Mahomes showed he has a new trick up his sleeve during organized practice this week.


He threw an incredible behind-the-back pass to rookie running back Carson Steele.

And Steele completed the move with a one-handed catch of his own.

Mahomes has yet to use the trick play in an NFL game despite using a series of no-look passes in his career.

“I think it was we didn’t play as well offensively enough for me to pull the behind-the-back pass off this last year,” Mahomes told Fox Sports’ show First Things First.

“But it’s no one else’s fault than myself, because Coach Reid wants me to throw it behind the back more than anyone in the world.

“And so he deliberately puts in plays that I have the opportunity to throw the ball behind the back.

“So it’s not a coaching thing. It’s me not having that confidence to do it in a game.”

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