Captivating Scenes: Croatian Night Sky Illuminated by Lightning Storm

Incredible photos show Croatian night sky glowing in spectacular lightning storm

The sky came alive with electricity during a thunder and lightning storm in Split, Croatia

Incredible photos have emerged, showcasing the mesmerizing beauty of a Croatian night sky illuminated by a breathtaking lightning storm. The city of Split, although typically bustling with life, appeared minuscule and insignificant as the celestial canopy above burst forth with electrifying energy.

Photojournalist Zvonimir Barisin captured the mighty weather last night

The storm, which unfolded last night in Croatia, enveloped the city in a spellbinding spectacle of immense weather. Photojournalist Zvonimir Barisin found himself engrossed in a flurry of activity as he skillfully captured the fleeting moments when multiple lightning bolts descended simultaneously.

The city seemed surrounded as multiple lightning bolts struck at once in the huge storm
The natural light show only added to the picturesque surrounds of the city visited by many tourists every year

Barisin’s vantage point was the picturesque Omis canyon, where the mighty Cetna River converges with the vast sea, amidst time-worn stone fortresses that have stood for centuries. Split, the second largest city in Croatia, boasts a rich history, with archaeological research suggesting its origins date back to the 6th century BC.

The second largest city in Croatia looked tiny and insignificant as the lightning struck

The mesmerizing phenomenon of lightning is caused by an imbalance of electric charge in the atmosphere. During the storm’s peak, lightning bolts can strike the earth’s surface three or more times per minute, each accompanied by the resounding rumble of thunder. These awe-inspiring forces of nature leave us humbled by their sheer power and magnificence.

Mr Barisin captured much of the action from Omis canyon, where the Cetna River meets the sea and stone fortresses have remained for centuries
The lightning set a spectacular and memorable skyline for the ancient city

The captivating photographs captured by Barisin not only showcase the raw intensity of the lightning storm but also highlight the harmony between nature’s grandeur and the city’s enduring spirit. Split, resilient and steadfast, stands as a testament to the indomitable human spirit in the face of nature’s awesome display.

As we marvel at these incredible images, let us be reminded of the profound forces that shape our world. The night sky, aglow with nature’s fury, serves as a poignant reminder of our place in the vast cosmos and the immeasurable beauty that surrounds us.


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