Chiefs Await $50K Super Bowl 58 Bling at Upcoming Ring Ceremony for Mahomes & Co

Touchdown, Kansas City! The Chiefs‘ Super Bowl ring is on the horizon, and fans are foaming at the mouth to catch a glimpse of that sweet championship bling. Like Ali waiting for the bell, the anticipation builds with each passing day until the speculated June 15th ceremony.

This ring is more than just diamonds and gold though – it’s a tangible symbol of the Chiefs’ relentless pursuit of gridiron glory. From Mahomes‘ no-look passes to Kelce’s bone-crushing blocks, every highlight of their storybook season will be etched into this ring’s very design. The real question is: how will they top last year’s blinged-out masterpiece that made jaws drop from Arrowhead to Hollywood? Let’s take a look “under the hood” at what may make this ring worthy of the Chiefs Kingdom.


The Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl 58 ring celebration is expected to have some unprecedented swag!

The countdown is on for the Chiefs’ blinged-out bash to receive their third Super Bowl ring. According to Travis Kelce’s fan page, the speculated date is June 15th, possibly because last year’s ring ceremony happened on June 15th, 2023. This news is not officially confirmed by the team. As Mahomes said last year, “That’s what you work for, was to win the Super Bowl and get those rings. They last a lifetime.”

These championship rings don’t come cheap, but also don’t have an official sticker price. It depends on customization and who’s name is engraved. For instance, the New England Patriots’ Robert Kraft cashed in over a million for one of his Super Bowl rings. And you can bet Mahomes’ new bling will be worth more than those of his teammates.

Chiefs share thoughts on latest Super Bowl ring

The estimated cost range is typically between $30,000 and $50,000 though. The NFL chips in $5,000 to $7,000 per ring to produce 150 copies, with the team owner deciding on any additional recipients beyond players and coaches. The more diamonds and design flairs, the higher the market value.

Chiefs Unveil Super Bowl Rings, Patrick Mahomes Celebrates, 60% OFF

The ring will celebrate KC’s epic 25-22 overtime thriller against the 49ers in Super Bowl 58. Mahomes was surgical, slicing up San Fran’s defense for 399 yards before hitting Mecole Hardman for the walk-off score. A game-winner worthy of having every second eternalized in diamonds and gold.

Last year’s ring was a “showstopper” by Project Runway standards, this new one may leave even Ryan Seacrest speechless. Mahomes and Kelce’s creative input last year means you can expect some serious “Swagu” this year too.

Chiefs’ Super Bowl 57 Ring immortalized the unforgettable battle vs the Eagles

Last year’s championship bling was a sparkling tribute to the Chiefs’ Super Bowl 57 conquest over the Philadelphia Eagles. But for their encore, Mahomes and Kelce took their creative talents from the gridiron to the jeweler’s workshop. “I think it’s even better,” Mahomes said about their ring design. “We learned from the first and amplified it.”

USA Today via Reuters

The star quarterback and his top target were brought into the process early, given a look at prototypes and a chance to provide input that would be incorporated. “Travis was also in those meetings. If he’s in on it, you know it’ll be stylish,” Mahomes joked about his fashion-forward teammate’s involvement.

Last year’s ring had 613 diamonds including rubies marking their 16 division titles and 54 stones representing the deficits they overcame in their playoff run. From the gridiron battles against Philly’s fearsome pass rush to the sentimental nods to Chiefs Kingdom, this ring is an iconic keepsake. As Kelce said, “It’s perfect…no championship ring like it.” That’s some serious grillz love from one of football’s most charismatic voices.

Chiefs Unveil Super Bowl Rings, Patrick Mahomes Celebrates, 60% OFF

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