Deck Plant Decorating Ideas

Adding plants is one of the best ways to liven up an outdoor deck and make it feel more inviting. With the right plant choices, you can enhance your deck’s aesthetic and create a relaxing oasis for spending time outdoors. Read on for some fabulous deck decorating ideas using live plants.

Select Planters and Pots

The pots and planters you choose are key when decorating your deck with plants. Opt for planters made of weather-resistant materials like resin, concrete, ceramic, or galvanized metal to withstand outdoor conditions. Make sure any pots have drainage holes at the bottom to prevent water from pooling and causing root rot.

For a cohesive look, stick to planters in a similar style or color palette. Arrange your pots symmetrically or asymmetrically on your deck depending on your preference. Mixing heights and sizes of planters also adds nice visual interest.

Add Greenery with Trees and Shrubs

Mini trees and shrubs are great additions to deck plant decor. Many varieties like Japanese maple trees, rose bushes, boxwood shrubs, and azaleas do well in containers. Place them in larger deck planters or along the edges and corners of your deck.

The green foliage of trees and shrubs helps soften the hard surfaces on your deck and makes the space feel more connected to nature. These larger plants provide height variation and volume compared to smaller potted plants.

Use Flowering Plants for Pops of Color

Another way to perk up your deck is by using lots of blooming, colorful plants. Some great options include petunias, geraniums, begonias, marigolds, pansies, and verbena. Place flowering plants together in coordinating colors for the biggest visual impact.

If you have stairs or a railing on your deck, lining them with bright flower pots adds lovely bursts of color. You can also hang flower baskets from ceilings, hooks, or shepherd’s hooks. The cascades of vibrant blossoms make a gorgeous statement.

Add Vertical Greenery

Hanging plants and vertical planters enable you to take advantage of vertical spaces when decorating your deck. Succulents, spider plants, Boston ferns, and other easy-care varieties thrive in hanging baskets.

Install wall-mounted planters or built-in window boxes on deck railings, walls, and posts. Growing vines like jasmine and passionflower on trellises is another option for vertical greenery. The lush drapes of flowing vines can provide shade and privacy.

Use Focal Point Plants for Drama

Certain statement plants can serve as focal points in your deck’s plant design. Specimen plants like ornamental grasses, small palm trees, large agave plants, and exotic varieties grab attention with their sculptural forms.

Place these eye-catching plants in standalone pots to really make them shine. Use their unique shapes and textures as inspiration when filling in the rest of your deck planters. The statement plants punctuate the arrangements.

Care for Your Deck Plants

Once your deck pots are beautifully arranged, be sure to keep the plants thriving. Water whenever the soil dries out and fertilize occasionally according to plant needs. Prune back overgrowth so plants don’t get unruly.

Check for pests and diseases and treat any issues promptly. With the right maintenance, your deck oasis will flourish all season long.

Get creative decorating your deck with gorgeous, lush plants this year. Use potted trees, shrubs, flowers, and vines to create a welcoming escape right outside your home. With these plant decorating tips, your outdoor deck will be party-ready in no time

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