Discover the world’s most luxurious superyachts

When the super-rich set sail, they do it with astonishing flair. They embark on extravagant superyachts boasting breathtaking features.

Here, we present five remarkable examples, all of which are available for charter or purchase through SuperYachtsMonaco or CharterWorld. Among them, you’ll find one with a semi-submerged ‘Nemo room,’ another with an outdoor cinema, one with a colossal slide, and even one that comes with a mini-submarine. Scroll down and indulge in these maritime marvels of the millionaires.

Khalilah – Charter price ranging from 245,000 to 255,000 euros (approximately £222,000 to £231,000 or $270,000 to $281,000) per week.

The 160ft Khalilah is instantly recognizable, thanks to her sweeping carbon-composite curves and high-gloss finish. Inside, she’s a dream.

She features stained oak floors, pop art from the owner’s collection adorning the walls, a main deck salon with floor-to-ceiling windows, a birchwood bar, and glass doors leading out to a covered dining area with a custom-made cactus-wood dining table for 10.

The bedrooms are truly exceptional, including an owner’s suite and a VIP suite, each with ensuite bathrooms and full-length picture windows. And as for toys, it comes with a jet pack, hoverboard, wakeboard, jet skis, kayaks, paddleboards, and a striking stairway that extends over the water.

Jim Evans, the founder of SuperYachtsMonaco, says: ‘The stairs, or passerelle as we call it, are mainly used to access the main deck from the dock. However, it’s definitely a fun and multipurpose feature: it can be used as a diving platform, a reading corner, or the perfect spot to meditate. Nowadays, we’re seeing more and more clients who want to be closer to the sea and truly enjoy being able to easily get into the water.’

Khalilah accommodates up to 11 guests.

Aurelia – Starting at 105,000 euros (approximately £95,000 or $115,000) per week.

Aurelia’s owner has a deep passion for sport and race cars, and this is reflected in her paint scheme and interior design. She can accommodate up to eight guests in four rooms and has space for a crew of six. The bedroom names draw inspiration from the world of sports car design – Bertone, Pininfarina, and Zagato.

Monaco-based SuperYachtsMonaco describes it as follows: ‘Timeless styling, exquisite furnishings, and sumptuous seating are featured throughout to create an elegant and comfortable atmosphere.’

The entertainment factor is also outstanding, thanks to the boat’s expansive slide that takes guests from the top deck straight into the sea.

Jim remarks: ‘The slide, of course, comes with the yacht and is a very popular toy for both adults and children alike. The crew has pressurized air on board that they use to inflate it. It doesn’t take long at all, and then the slide is ready to use.’

Saluzi – Starting at 480,000 euros (approximately £435,000 or $529,000) per week.

Saluzi is the ultimate hub of entertainment. This 226ft yacht offers gaming tables for an onboard casino experience, a karaoke bar with an extensive library of thousands of songs, an elegant outdoor bar, twin hot tubs, and a massive open-air cinema. It also boasts a spacious swim platform.

Jim mentions: ‘Saluzi is an absolute state-of-the-art charter yacht with some breathtaking features like the cinema, the karaoke lounge, and the sea pool. The cinema is simply perfect for entertaining children with their favorite cartoons, but it’s also loved by couples who can enjoy a movie under the stars—a truly romantic experience. The karaoke lounge is a delightful addition to add some sparkle on the occasional rainy evening and can lead to priceless memories. Last but not least, the beautiful sea pool can be set up by the crew and works wonders at protecting guests from jellyfish and ensuring the safety of children who want to swim.’

Saluzi can comfortably accommodate up to 32 guests onboard overnight in 16 glamorous suites.

Savannah – Starting at 1,000,000 euros (approximately £900,000 or $1,096,000) per week.

Savannah, as described by SuperYachtsMonaco, was “designed without compromise” and represents a new generation of superyachts. In summary, it offers a one-of-a-kind charter experience, and this recognition is well-deserved as it was named Motor Yacht of the Year at the 2016 World Superyacht Awards.

The pièce de résistance is the fabulous underwater lounge known as the ‘Nemo room.’ It features windows that dip below the water’s surface, with stadium-style seating arranged around them. This area can also be transformed into a cinema.

Jim highlights: “One of Savannah’s most beloved features is the Nemo lounge. Clients enjoy the feeling of being close to the sea, and the Nemo room provides guests the opportunity to observe the aquatic fauna passing by while relaxing on one of the room’s sofas.”

But that’s not all. Savannah also boasts a nine-meter swimming pool, a gym, a spa, and a crew of 24 members, including a masseuse and a beautician. It can comfortably accommodate 12 people overnight in six ensuite staterooms.

Sofia – Available for sale at 16,000,000 euros (approximately £14,000,000 or $17,000,000).

This superyacht comes with an especially exhilarating feature – a three-man submarine, adding a sense of adventure to its luxurious allure.

A “dramatic” oval staircase connects its four decks, creating a seamless sense of motion as you navigate the yacht. Additionally, there’s a sleek elevator for added convenience. Meanwhile, the yacht accommodates up to 10 guests in five lavish staterooms, where they can unwind with drinks at a curved bar made from concetto stone before enjoying a meal in an elegant dining area with a view of the ocean.

Jim comments, “Part of a new trend of explorer yachts, Sofia breaks boundaries in terms of size. Despite carrying a three-seater submarine, Sofia maintains its agility and sleekness, combining the luxury of a superyacht with the tools and features of an expedition vessel.

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