Embracing Simplicity With a Small, One-Story Bare Cement Farmhouse

Farmhouse style is beloved for its simple, practical design that focuses on natural elements. This aesthetic can be perfectly distilled into a small, one-story bare cement farmhouse. Stripping the home’s look down to its essentials results in an unfussy, minimalist take on farmhouse living.

Benefits of a One-Story Cement Farmhouse

A single-story bare concrete farmhouse provides many advantages over a large, complex home. The smaller footprint is more eco-friendly, affordable, and requires less upkeep. One level living is convenient for aging in place. Concrete offers durability and energy efficiency. The open floor plan feels spacious while maintaining a cozy intimacy


Design Elements to Include

While simple in its design, certain elements help give this pared-down farmhouse style and comfort. Wide plank wood floors add warmth to balance the stark concrete walls. Abundant windows let in ample natural light. A basic kitchen features timeless Shaker cabinets and stainless steel appliances.

An expansive fireplace anchors the living room. Raw wood beams and posts add organic detail. A front porch with rocking chairs invites relaxation overlooking the pastoral views. The soothingly muted color palette highlights natural textures.

Creating Flow Between Rooms

With few interior walls, a seamless flow between living spaces is achievable. The entryway opens into the combined kitchen and living zone. The open dining space eases into the sitting area gathered around the fireplace.

Doors lead from the living room directly out to the patio and gardens, blurring the line between indoors and outdoors. The minimalist decor helps each room feel united and tranquil.

Incorporating Natural Materials

Natural, unadorned materials complement the pared-down style. Whitewashed pine floors and untreated wood furniture allow the wood’s knots and grain to show. The kitchen countertops could be honed natural stone or concrete.

Crisp white walls serve as a neutral backdrop for raw wood accents and displays of greenery. Airy cotton curtains filter in sunlight. Simple wicker baskets provide storage around the house.

Creating a Peaceful Oasis

The bare essentials of this cement farmhouse strip away clutter and distraction. The result is a soothing retreat focused on life’s fundamentals – family, nature, and intentional living. Spending time in the unfussy, earthy surroundings brings a sense of relaxed renewal.

With its modest footprint and low-maintenance materials, this simple farmhouse design reflects the ethos of living sustainably. The pared-down aesthetic shows that a beautiful, peaceful home doesn’t have to be complicated


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