Israel sent missile ships to the Red Sea to prevent Houthi attacks

The Israeli Navy dispatched missile ships to the Red Sea to strengthen defense capabilities, following raids by the pro-Iranian Houthi group in Yemen.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said missile boats were sent to the Red Sea on October 31 in an effort to strengthen defense in the area, after the Houthi group in Yemen conducted raids in the south of the country. This.

The IDF said it has deployed multiple layers of air defense in the area to block Houthi attacks. US forces deployed in the Red Sea have shot down a number of Houthi drones (UAVs) and missiles aimed at Israel.

On October 31, the Israeli army announced that its Arrow air defense complex had intercepted a missile flying from the Red Sea aimed at the city of Eliat. Israeli fighters also downed two UAVs in this sea.

Houthi, an Iranian-backed armed group in Yemen, later admitted to conducting a UAV and missile attack on Israel, and said this was the third time the group had launched an attack of this type. Houthis also warned that they would “continue to attack until Israel stops its aggression”, referring to Israel’s military operations against the Gaza Strip.

The latest Houthi raid took place in the context of Israel deploying tanks and infantry to attack many positions in the Gaza Strip, stepping up military operations in the area. The Israeli Ministry of Defense announced that this was not the large-scale attack campaign against the Gaza Strip that the country had planned.

On November 1, the IDF said it had attacked more than 11,000 positions of armed groups in the Gaza Strip since the Hamas attack in early October. Israeli forces last night targeted many positions in the Gaza Strip, including Hamas command posts and units in the area.

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