learn unsettling “ghost ships” are referenced

The “ghost ships” passed down through the centuries are associated with mysterious stories and legends that make many people’s hairs “crystal”. They appear and disappear without a trace.

Here are the “ghost ships” that many people are interested in.

Mary Celeste – Mother of all “ghost ships”

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On November 7, 1872, a captain, his wife, 2-year-old daughter, and seven crew members left New York Harbor for Italy aboard the Mary Celeste. A month later, the ship was scheduled to reach its destination, but the crew of the Canadian Dei Gratia discovered the ship was drifting in the Atlantic Ocean.

These sailors then boarded the Mary Celeste to examine and help those on board, but they discovered that the ship was completely empty of people.

Meanwhile, the food on board the Mary Celeste is enough for 6 months and the crew’s belongings are still intact. Only a rope was pulled out to sea and the lifeboat was gone.

According to the Canadian crew, the deck was flooded by a meter, but it was not damaged beyond repair and showed no signs of sinking.

The Mary Celeste was then towed to Gibraltar, Spain. Why did the 10-person crew leave the ship? Whether mutiny or being pirated is a matter of, so far, a mystery.

The Mary Celeste has become one of the most famous ghost ships in the world – in large part because Sir Arthur Conan Doyle used it as inspiration in the short story “The Declaration of J. Habakuk Jephson”.

In this short story, he put forward the related theories behind the ship’s abandonment that could have come from a pirate attack that led to the military mobilization and extreme weather events that forced the crew to abandon the ship. ship.

According to some experts, the most reasonable explanation is that after being flooded, the captain misjudged the extent of the damage and ordered the crew to abandon the ship as soon as it saw land, but this explanation also does not work. must be certain.

This is how the Mary Celeste got into the myth of ghost ships.

Carroll A.Derring Disappears in the “Meaning of the Atlantic”

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The Carroll A.Derring is one of the greatest mysteries in maritime history.

The mystery of the Carroll A.Derring constitutes one of the greatest mysteries in maritime history. The ship with 5 masts after transporting coal and returning from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1921 disappeared.

A strange thing happened on the way back to Virginia, Eastern United States. Coast Guard Officer Brady of Cape Hatteras Coast Guard Station saw a person on board sailing the ship, but bad weather resulted in the vessel becoming stranded making it impossible for police to board the vessel to inspect.

Four days later, the coast guard approached the ship and discovered that the ship’s meals had been prepared, but the crew’s personal belongings and lifeboats were missing. .

Many intriguing theories have been put forward to explain the mysterious disappearance of the ship’s members, but none have been confirmed. The mystery remains and the ship has been an inspiration to many TV series authors and directors.

One theory of hurricanes was to be the cause of this ship’s fate, before it was proved that these storms were hundreds of kilometers away from Carroll A. Deering, at the time the ship was at Cape Lookout. , Northeast Caronia, USA.

Because the ship was found not far from the Bermuda Triangle (at Diamond Shoal), which has disappeared many other ships related to a paranormal phenomenon. However, both the final reconnaissance position and the ship’s landing position were hundreds of kilometers away from this dreaded position.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the shoals where the Deering ship was stranded have been the “cemetery” of many other wrecks found and this has been a taboo place for sailors for centuries. In fact, a number of shipwrecks have been recorded near the stretch of coastline off Cape Hatteras, North Carolina.

Some have even given the name “Graveyard of the Atlantic” to this deadly corner of the ocean.

The Lady Lovibond ghost ship with a creepy legend

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Lady Lovibond is the name given to a legendary ship that sank on the island of Goodwin Sands, off the coast of Kent in South East England, on February 13, 1748.

The story goes that this ship set sail on February 13 (one day before Valentine’s Day), Captain Simon Reed, just married and celebrating with his wife Annetta with a honeymoon trip, cruising at sea.

According to some testimonies, the ship was transferred to Porto in Portugal. Despite the long-standing superstition among sailors that it was bad luck to bring a woman on board, Captain Simon Reed ignored this warning.\

According to legend, the first mate of the captain’s wife was named John Rivers. After the captain, his wife and their guests celebrated their wedding below deck, John got into a jealous rage and beat the man at the helm and steered the ship into a collision with Goodwin Sands, sinking and killing them all. sailor.

Related to Goodwin Sands comes another legend, this is a 10-mile (16km) stretch of sand at the southern end of the North Sea, 6 miles (10km) off the coast of Deal in Kent, England. Legend exists about the origin of Goodwin Sands there is a ghost island Lomea.

Although there is no official document about Lomea’s existence on the island, people have heard ghost bells ringing. The British Lighthouse Authority has plans to build a structure in the sand in the area and geological surveys have been carried out.

They found a layer of London clay that is believed to be the remains of a clay island, so it is likely that the ghost island of Lomea already exists.

In 1798, 1848, 1898 and 1948, many people said that they had seen this ship around in Kent, they called the rescue team to come because they thought the ship was in trouble but could not find it later. To this day, this famous ghost ship continues to be a legend.

Octavius – piloted by dead crew

The Octavius left China in 1762 headed for the North Pole and became a legend in 1975, the ship was piloted by a crew who died and was frozen for 13 years as a “ghost ship”.

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Since then there have been more legends than facts, Octavius remains one of the most famous stories of all ghost ships. On October 11, 1775, a whaling ship called The Herald stumbled upon Octavius drifting aimlessly off the coast of Greenland.

The crew went along the derelict ship, after boarding the inspection ship, they discovered that the entire Octavius crew was frozen below deck, as if trying to escape the cold. The ship’s captain was discovered still sitting at his desk.

According to sailors aboard The Herald, the late captain appeared to be completing a diary entry for 11/11/1762, thirteen years before the ship’s discovery.

In the cabin of the Octavius were also a woman, a boy dead in a blanket and a sailor who died with a magazine in his hand. The terrified crew only took the captain’s logbook before leaving the ship, because they feared it was cursed and did not want to be involved with this “deadly” ship.

According to the captain’s diary, Octavius’ crew survived for some time during the voyage until extreme weather conditions weakened their health.

Thirteen years after being trapped in the ice sealed the fate of all members on this ship. Octavius completes a journey to the Northwest, led by a group of dead sailors.

The ship’s last recorded location was about 250 miles north of present-day Barrow, Alaska. The Herald found the ship off the coast of Greenland, which means that Octavius and his crew were the first ship to make the miraculous voyage.

“Ghost ship” reappears after 3 centuries with a precious treasure

The San Jose has been found by the Colombian Navy off the coast of Cartagena since 2015 and it was not until this year that they announced the ship. But the exact location of this “ghost ship” has not been revealed.

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San Jose wreck – Photo provided by the President of Colombia to the press.

Accordingly, the “ghost ship” that the Colombian army found was a galleon battleship named San Jose armed with 64 cannons, a crew of about 600 people that was sunk by British naval ships in 1708.

In particular, the ship contains a valuable treasure including many gold, silver and emerald coins, estimated to be worth up to 17 billion USD. In addition, images released by Colombia’s president, Iván Duque, reveal a lot of intact Chinese ceramics, swords and cannons.

Discover creepy "ghost ships" when mentioned - movingworl.com

Many antique, high-value Chinese pottery is seen inside the ghost ship (Image: ARMANDA DE COLOMBIA).

“Our idea was to restore this ship and have sustainable financing for future exploits,” he said. In this way, we protect the treasure, and the inheritance of San Jose, he said. galleon.”

On the other hand, Spain also claims sovereignty, saying the ship belongs to this country and said it is based on the UNESCO convention on underwater cultural heritage. Along with that, many valuable belongings on the ship are likely to be robbed from South American countries and these countries can sue to claim benefits, making the matter even more complicated.

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