LeBron James is considered the creator of basketball’s royal fashion trends

LeBron James, who is no longer the dominant figure on the football field, has started to build a name for himself by dressing in stylish attire before each of his appearances on the field.

On the basketball floor, it is no longer a novel remark to note LeBron James’s unrivaled supremacy. On the other hand, the superstar player for the Los Angeles Lakers also started to dominate the “fashion catwalk” before stepping out on the floor.

The manner in which LeBron James dresses has garnered an increasing amount of attention over the past few years. What “King James” wore prior to the match quickly became popular among internet users and became trends. When LeBron posted photos of himself on Instagram wearing different ensembles, fans immediately began debating the cost and origin of each item.

The most recent illustration of this can be found on November 26, when LeBron James showed supporters in San Antonio how to take monochromatic style to a new level while the Los Angeles Lakers were in town to play the Spurs.

After “dissecting” the items that were found on LeBron’s body, it is not hard to identify the gray John Elliot denim jacket that was on him. The look seen below features a hoodie by Dries Van Noten, trousers by Thom Browne, and a pair of Nike Air Force 1 replicas all put together by A Cold Wall.

LeBron James can also make himself comfortable by dressing in a monochrome way, such as by wearing a whole set of gray sweatpants and a gray hoodie. This would follow the trend. This is a straightforward design, yet it in no way diminishes the standout quality of the Nike x UNINTERRUPTED line.

However, LeBron James’ preferred style does not consist solely of wearing black and white clothing. Sometimes, he still enjoys showing off “hype” products, which drive internet users crazy due to the rarity of the items and the high value that they fetch on the secondary market.

LeBron James was one of the few persons to receive a pair of Travis Scott x Nike Air Force 1 Low “Cactus Jack” sneakers from famed rapper Travis Scott during a recent game when the Cleveland Cavaliers played home to the Sacramento Kings. James chose a brown sweatshirt from the Cactus Plant Flea Market (CPFM) that matched the color of the shoes he was wearing, which were brown.

Another time, when LeBron James was leaving for a lengthy trip, he arrived at the airport wearing a “hypebeast” costume and accessorizing with “hypebeast” items.

The most notable of these is the OFF-WHITE Rimowa See Through 36L Case White luggage, which may sell on the market for as much as around 2,000 US dollars. There’s a Louis Vuitton handbag right there that’s got to be worth at least a thousand dollars.

Moving on to LeBron James’s physique, we can see that he also has a Louis Vuitton backpack thrown over his shoulder. The player, who is 34 years old, wears a pair of OFF-WHITE x Nike Vapor Street sneakers in the color “Tour Yellow” on his feet, and he wears a Rolex Sky-Dweller watch that is practically worth a billion dollars on his wrist.

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