LeBron James’ son sets NFL goals after health incident

Could LeBron James’ son Bronny James shift sports and try his hand at something else? As many NBA fans should be aware, Bronny is the eldest son of the NBA’s all-time scoring leader and has been expected to follow in his father’s footsteps by playing in the NBA.

With Basketball Future in Big Doubt After Heart Attack, LeBron James' Son Bronny James Sets NFL Goals Next

Although this was the plan that LeBron and many others envisioned, things took a turn for the worse after Bronny suffered a cardiac arrest during college basketball practice and was rushed to the hospital. Since then, he appears to be stable and seems to be getting back to everyday life.

Until this point, there was hardly any doubt in fans; minds regarding Bronny playing basketball. However, his most recent statements seem to be casting some doubt on his potential NBA future. With that being said, let us take a closer look at what Bronny had to say and find out more about what sport he is interested in playing.

Can Bronny James play in the NFL?

Although basketball and the NBA are incredibly popular in the United States, the same can be said about American football and the NFL. Much like basketball, football also requires a tremendous amount of stamina and physical ability. Some veteran NBA fans might be aware that LeBron James was also considered a football prodigy and could have pursued a career in the sport.

Much like his father, Bronny James recently showed interest in playing for the Trojans. To those who do not know, that is the name of his college’s football team. Bronny explained that he could play the quarterback position quite well and believed in his ability to read defenses. Along with a good shooting arm, he feels that gives him a good enough shot at playing pro football.

While we can certainly admire the passion that he is displaying, many fans were quick to point out that Bronny wouldn’t be able to handle the high level of impact and contact that comes with playing football. Even if he is able to play for the Trojans, a career in the NFL looks quite unlikely.

Even though we can tell that Bronny looks to be normal, his exact medical details and clearance for basketball training have not been made public. Whether it be football or basketball, we wish him the best of luck for his future.

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