Mahomes’ Matchup: Can He Hold His Own Against the Next Generation of NFL Talent?

Could even challenge Mahomes

 Stroud emerged as a breakout star last season, transforming the Houston Texans’ offense and earning the offensive rookie of the year title.


Now, sports analyst Chris Broussard has raised the question whether Stroud could potentially challenge Patrick Mahomes, who just clinched his second consecutive Super Bowl victory.


Broussard believes so, suggesting that while Stroud may not yet be on Mahomes’ level, he has the potential to become a top contender. Despite acknowledging Stroud’s talentBroussard emphasizes that being compared to Mahomes is premature given Stroud’s rookie status and limited experience.

“I’m not gonna sit here and say that CJ Stroud is right now, definitely is better than Lamar or Josh and Joe Burrow,” Broussard told First Things First.


“But he has something in his favor in this type of argument or debate [about Mahomes competition] that all of them lack. So, he’s a better passer than Lamar, he’s more poised and doesn’t make the same mistakes as Josh Allen, Burrows is just injury prone.”

Rating himself highly

While Stroud deserves recognition for his achievements, it’s essential to temper expectations and allow him time to develop without undue pressure. Earlier in the year, he didn’t hesitate to rank himself among NFL’s elite quarterbacks.

“Yes, sir. I do. I think I put it on film,” Stroud told CBS Sports Radio.


“I think my numbers speak for itself. Especially missing two games. If I didn’t miss two games, my numbers would have been just as good or one of the best in the league.

“And I think you can see the impact I had on my team. I’m not in the business of like, arguing, ‘I’m top five. I’m not.’ I really don’t care. I mean, I just want to win.”


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