NBA legend LeBron James wished his son Bronny a happy 18th birthday with a touching video

LeBron James, NBA Legend, Shares Heartfelt Tribute Video to Celebrate His Son Bronny James’s 18th Birthday

NBA superstar LeBron James took to social media on October 6th to share a touching video tribute in honor of his son Bronny James’s 18th birthday. LeBron posted the emotional montage on Instagram depicting Bronny’s journey from childhood to young adulthood alongside his famous father.

The video features various clips and photos chronicling key moments throughout Bronny’s life. It starts with heartwarming footage of a young Bronny learning basketball alongside his dad, eventually progressing into clips of Bronny honing his skills and hitting milestone achievements like dunking for the first time.

“Man I’m sitting here teary eyed right now looking back at this journey with my young king!” LeBron wrote in the caption. “I love you kid more than you will ever know.”

The four-minute birthday tribute video amassed over 3 million views within hours of LeBron sharing it on social media. Friends, teammates and fans all joined in wishing Bronny a happy 18th birthday in the comments.

Bronny is currently a senior at Sierra Canyon High School and has committed to play college basketball for Ohio State starting in 2023. As Bronny continues to carve out his own path in the sport, his proud father LeBron has been documenting the journey every step of the way. This heartfelt video gave fans a touching glimpse into their special father-son bond.

“Happy 18th Young 👑!!!” LeBron wrote to conclude the post. “I’m so proud of the young man you’ve became and the path you’re on!”

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