NBA Star Wanda Durant’s mother donates turkeys to Maryland community for Thanksgiving

The genuine Most Valuable Player during this year’s Thanksgiving break is Wanda Durant, who is Kevin Durant’s mother. The mother of a player for the Brooklyn Nets provided free Thanksgiving turkeys to two hundred citizens of Seat Pleasant, Maryland, who were in need.

On Monday, Mayor Eugene W. Grant and Wanda distributed turkeys to residents of Seat Pleasant in conjunction with the City of Seat Pleasant at City Hall.

“This opportunity brings together the City and partnered organizations to share in the holiday spirit with those who are in need,” Mayor Eugene W. Grant said in a statement. “It is heartening to see someone who is so loving and passionate as Wanda Durant expending her time and effort to help families enjoy the holiday season.”

Prince George’s County is where Durant spent his childhood years until being dealt to the Nets in July. He attended National Christian Academy, which is located in Oxon Hill, for his high school baseball career, and Montrose Christian Academy, which is located in Rockville, for his senior year.

Kevin Durant’s mother has stated that one of her life goals is to encourage underprivileged children and single mothers in areas similar to the one in which Kevin grew up as well as other communities.

“It is an honor and a pleasure for the Durant family to support families in our community during this holiday, and we do so with humble hearts and grateful spirits,” Wanda stated.

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