Nissan Unveils 400Z NISMO Widebody – Race Aesthetic for the Road

Nissan is breathing new life into their Z sports car lineage with the upcoming 400Z. Now they’ve revealed an even more aggressive widebody variant – the 400Z NISMO. Clad in carbon fiber and boasting race-inspired aerodynamics, this Z certainly looks track-ready.

The 400Z NISMO variant receives aggressive wide fender flares adding 3.2 inches of width over the standard car. This allows for beefy 275-width tires at all four corners for maximum grip. Paired with the widebody are front and rear bumper fascia designed for reduced drag and increased downforce.

But it’s not all just for show – engineers tweaked the suspension tuning for agile track performance. Larger brakes bring the Z to a stop from speed while a performance exhaust wails. Inside, passengers grip a sport steering wheel as the turbo 3.0L V6 snarls its tune.

While Nissan has yet to reveal output figures, the NISMO is expected to produce over 400hp. Power will be delivered through a 6-speed manual or 9-speed automatic transmission. This provides a distinctly old-school experience focused on driver engagement rather than outright speed.

When it launches in 2023 as a 2024 model, the 400Z NISMO will provide style-conscious drivers with a Z car wearing its racing influence proudly. The widebody flares and tuned chassis promise Agile handling and neck-snapping acceleration. Nissan is drawing on their performance heritage to make the Z relevant again. For buyers craving a affordable sports car with timeless style and excitement, the 400Z NISMO delivers.

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