Painting the Town Pink: How Royce’s Unique Vision Gave Birth to the Pink Ghost Rolls-Royce

Royce created a pink Ghost. -

Rolls-Royce is willing to indulge the whims of any client with enough money. That includes painting a Ghost sedan in a decidedly non-standard color.

The automaker recently unveiled a pink Ghost for an Internet personality, known primarily by her Instagram handle @ChampagneRose. The car is finished in a bespoke shade of pink called, appropriately, Champagne Rose, and was developed specifically for the buyer. It will be reserved for her exclusive use, according to a Rolls-Royce.

Royce created a pink Ghost. -

The car’s creation shows how much time Rolls is willing to dedicate to bespoke build requests. The customer spent four days sampling Rolls’ vehicle lineup, then composed a “mood board” of hundreds of color swatches that was sent to Rolls’ bespoke department. That was eventually narrowed down to 30 paint samples, from which the final color was selected.

Royce created a pink Ghost. -

The exterior is matched by pink leather upholstery, which took six months to develop, including testing to ensure the pink hue wouldn’t fade in the sun. The interior also features pink wool carpets and piano black trim.

Royce created a pink Ghost. -

Rolls-Royce Ghost in Champagne Rose

The divider between the rear seats has a painted rose motif that required several days of prototyping, while the final design required 14 hours to complete, according to Rolls. The rose is repeated on the Ghost’s built-in picnic tables, each requiring 5,500 individual stitches and over 30 hours of work. Finally, the rose design was incorporated into the Starlight Headliner, which features 1,132 fiber-optic lighting elements that simulate a night sky.

Royce created a pink Ghost. -

This isn’t the first pink Ghost. In 2013 Rolls painted a previous-generation Ghost pink as part of a program to foster support for breast cancer care. In 2017, car collector Michael Fux also commissioned a Rolls-Royce Dawn in his signature fuchsia.

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