Patrick Mahomes Commits Record-Breaking $80M for Women’s Soccer with New Stadium

On Thursday, a big announcement was made regarding the world’s first-ever dedicated stadium for women’s soccer teams. Kansas City Chiefs star QB Patrick Mahomes and his wife Brittany, co-owners of the NWSL team Kansas City Current, announced a naming rights deal. The new facility will be called CPKC Stadium as part of a 10-year deal. However, the amount paid by CPKC for the naming rights has not been disclosed.

The NWSL was established in 2012 and currently consists of 12 teams. After the completion of the stadium in 2024, it will mark a historic moment for women’s sports. The main goal of this new stadium is to popularize and provide proper facilities for the women’s soccer team.

New $80 Million Investment by Patrick Mahomes and Wife Brittany in a Groundbreaking Women's Soccer Stadium -

A historic moment for women’s sports

Brittany Mahomes took to Instagram to share the exciting news about the first stadium for a women’s professional sports team. This stadium will now be officially known as CPKC Stadium. This facility is going to cost around 120 million dollars. Kansas City Current’s co-owners, Patrick and Brittany, are one of the main reasons behind this project as they have heavily invested in it.

Along with the naming rights, the outdoor gathering space at the stadium will be called CPKC Plaza, which will serve as the permanent location of the Current’s team store. The stadium will focus on inclusivity and sustainability.

The capacity of the stadium is 11,500, but it can be expanded to 22,000 in the future. The stadium is located at Berkeley Riverfront Park. To provide a view of the downtown skyline, the corners of the stadium will be open. It has two grass pitches. The pitch was installed at the end of August. The premium section is ready, along with the players’ benches.

New $80 Million Investment by Patrick Mahomes and Wife Brittany in a Groundbreaking Women's Soccer Stadium -

It is expected to be finished by March 2024. After the completion of the stadium, the current team will train and play at this facility. Currently, the team plays at Children’s Mercy Park. An interesting fact about this project is that it is mostly led by women.

The power couple is heavily investing in the sports world

New $80 Million Investment by Patrick Mahomes and Wife Brittany in a Groundbreaking Women's Soccer Stadium -

Patrick Mahomes and his wife, Brittany, have established themselves as a power couple in the sports world. They are co-owners of the National Women’s Soccer League team, Kansas City Current. Brittany aims to popularize women’s soccer not only in Kansas City but throughout the country.

Brittany herself is a former women’s soccer player. She played for UT Tyler before shifting to Iceland for her professional career. Their dedication to women’s soccer is evident from the $80 million investment they made in the new stadium, which is being built exclusively for the women’s pro team.

New $80 Million Investment by Patrick Mahomes and Wife Brittany in a Groundbreaking Women's Soccer Stadium -

Just after joining the Kansas City Chiefs, Patrick and Brittany started inʋesting in the sports world of Kansas City. Patrick is currently a co-owner of the Kansas City Royals. They haʋe мade it clear that they intend to reмain in Kansas City for a long tiмe, and their inʋestмents reflect this coммitмent.

At present, the Mahoмes faмily has a stake in nearly eʋery professional sports teaм in Kansas City, with the exception of the NFL teaм, the Kansas City Chiefs.


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