Peculiar ‘Alien’ Coffins Unearthed Near Egyptian Pyramids Perplex Archaeologists

A puzzling discovery has been announced in Egypt – a cache of mysterious coffin-like sarcophagi with unusual conical lids found buried near the ancient pyramids. With their atypical shape, these ancient coffins differ markedly from traditional ancient Egyptian design.

Experts state the coffins were interred in a manner diverging from typical Bronze Age Egyptian funerary customs. Their singular design has led many to refer to them as ‘alien coffins’.

Currently, Egyptian archaeologists are carefully analyzing the strange tomb site and contents. They hope to uncover clues about the origins of the uniquely-entombed individuals, as well as the significance of the anomalous coffins in ancient Egyptian civilization.

Some speculate the remains may belong to foreigners rather than native Egyptians, which could explain the coffins’ unconventional form. Further research and DNA analysis seeks to solve the riddles surrounding this archaeological anomaly near the pyramids.

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