Photo of NBA King LeBron James taken with Bow Wow surprised fans because he ‘looked too much like his stepfather’

A recent photo of NBA superstar LeBron James posing with rapper Bow Wow has gone viral, sparking amused reactions from fans claiming the 37-year-old James looks old enough to be Bow Wow’s stepfather in the pic.

The image shows the 6’9″ James towering over a grinning Bow Wow, with his arm around the diminutive rapper. While both are now in their mid-30s, fans were quick to point out their contrasting heights and appearances in the photo.

“LeBron got 5 years on Bow Wow but looks 15 years older!” one fan tweeted, highlighting how the 19-season veteran James looks wise beyond his years compared to the youthful-faced Bow Wow.

“LeBron is 35 years old with a receding hairline and Bow Wow is 34 looking 24!” another user posted. “Father time is undefeated.”

Other comments jokingly labeled James as Bow Wow’s “uncle” and “step daddy” in the odd pairing. Many tweets focused on James’ graying beard and hairline compared to Bow Wow’s fresh style and onesie PJs.

The viral memes poke fun at James’ elder statesman status versus Bow Wow’s refusal to age. But James took the ribbing about the photo in stride, retweeting his favorite reactions.

While James’ grown-man look elicited jokes, his mature style likely comes from the demands of his lengthy NBA tenure. Off-court, King James embraces acting as a father figure – to his own kids and mentees like Bow Wow.

At 37 with four championships under his belt, LeBron James has truly earned his veteran appearance. If that means getting clowned as Bow Wow’s step daddy in funny photos, he’s more than happy to oblige.

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