Pronunciation Perils: Ronaldo’s Playful Blooper in Promotional Photo Sends Waves of Laughter

Cristiano Ronaldo was left in stitches while filming a promotional video because he couldn’t pronounce the brand’s name.

During the advertisement, the Portuguese actor was in fits of laughter as he attempted to pronounce the word “Zuju.”

Cristiano Ronaldo’s pronunciation issues during a humorous promotional photo had everyone in stitches

Ronaldo had the giggles at a recent promotional eventCredit: @cristiano

Cristiano Ronaldo’s pronunciation issues during a humorous promotional photo had everyone in stitches

The Portuguese forward was left in hysterics by his own pronunciationCredit: @cristiano

The ad was created to promote ‘Kickoff’ by Zuju, a free-to-play football game for smartphones.

Ronaldo tried several times to perfect the term but couldn’t keep himself together and busted out laughing every time he uttered it incorrectly.

But after a lot of work and ultimately getting rid of his laughter, the Al Nassr star got it perfect.

Ronaldo’s shift to the Middle East appears to have had no effect on his economic value, with the 8-year-old serving as the face of a variety of brands around the world.

Ronaldo remains the most followed person on Instagram, with 599 million followers.

After mutually terminating his second spell at Manchester United, the star forward made a surprise transfer to the Saudi Pro League in January.

Despite much skepticism, Ronaldo scored 14 goals in 16 outings for his new team.

However, his exploits were not enough to win the Saudi Pro League title, as Al Nassr finished second behind Al Ittihad in a close title race.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s pronunciation issues during a humorous promotional photo had everyone in stitches

Ronaldo seems to be enjoying life in Saudi ArabiaCredit: AFP

Ronaldo’s move to the Middle East has opened the door for a slew of other talents eager to make their mark in the league’s rapid expansion.

And the 2018 season promises to be the most exciting in league history, with names such as Karim Benzema, Sadio Mane, Roberto Firmino, and N’Golo Kante vying for the title.

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