Qatar Royals Unveil New $400M Superyacht Longer than Football Field

The royal family of Qatar recently unveiled their new crown jewel of the sea – a 124-metre superyacht called ‘Katara’ valued at over $400 million USD. The extravagant private yacht is more than a football field long and promises to be the most luxurious floating palace on the waters.

Named after the ancient Qatari coastal town of Katara, the ship was meticulously designed by famed engineer Neville Crichton to the specifications of the Al Thani royal family. It spans an incredible 9,922 square feet across its three decks.

The lavish interior includes seven luxurious suites to pamper guests, finished with gold and marble flourishes. There is also a private owner’s deck, helicopter landing pad, jacuzzi, and pool swimming with underwater lights. Those aboard can enjoy fine dining, lounging in opulence, and endless ocean views from every direction.

Constructed in Italy over nearly four years, the Katara is also an engineering marvel. Advanced stabilizing technology allows smooth sailing, while twin MTU engines propel it to a top speed of 20 knots (23 mph). Described as a “floating oasis,” Katara marries luxury with functionality.

The extravagant superyacht is estimated to have cost the Qatari royals over $400 million, making it one of the most expensive personal yachts ever built. It will primarily cater to the Al Thani family’s leisure travels and entertaining VIP guests.

From bow to stern, Katara makes a bold statement with sheer size, amenities, and price tag. The royal superyacht marks a new standard of opulence and wealth, commanding attention at any marina it docks. The lavish Katara will surely turn heads wherever its journeys take it across the open seas.


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