Racing to Perfection: Apollo Intensa Emozione Claims Its Place as the 7th Most Exquisite Car Globally

For supercar believers, the name Apollo is still quite strange. In the past, Apollo used to be a famous German supercar company with the name Gumpert, then, Gumpert went bankrupt and was bought by a Hong Kong financial group before changing its name to Apollo Automobil GmbH. Currently, Apollo only produces 10 supercars called Intensa Emozione and it is also Hong Kong where this supercar company brought Apollo Intensa Emozione to test drive and film.

Apollo Intensa Emozione Ranks 7th Among World's Most Exquisite Cars_ - DX

New image of Apollo Intensa Emozione supercar entering Mexico

Currently, out of 10 Apollo Intensa Emozione supercars produced around the world, there are almost owners, of which, an Apollo Intensa Emozione has just been handed over to a giant living in Mexico, a communist country. Federal Republic of North America.

It is known that the new million-dollar Apollo Intensa Emozione supercar to Mexico carries the number 7 out of 10 produced for customers around the world. The car has a mysterious black exterior with yellow stripes and the inside of the cockpit of the new Apollo Intensa Emozione to Mexico has a red interior.

Apollo Intensa Emozione Ranks 7th Among World's Most Exquisite Cars_ - DX
Apollo Intensa Emozione 7th out of 10 cars in the world belongs to the Mexican giant

The car has copper yellow wheels and red interior

As we all know that the Apollo Intensa Emozione supercar is not for the mᴀsses because it is only produced 10 units and comes with a price that is not cheap, up to 2.3 million euros, equivalent to 2.7 million dollars. la or 61.3 billion dong.

Therefore, whoever owns this model must be considered a collector and among the millionaires or billionaires in the world. The world’s first two Apollo Intensa Emozione supercars are said to have embossed exteriors and are owned by a giant in Malaysia as well as the US.

Apollo Intensa Emozione trên đường phố Mexico

Apollo Intensa Emozione on the streets of Mexico

Apollo Intensa Emozione có tốc độ tối đa 335 km/h

Apollo Intensa Emozione has a top speed of 335 km/h

The million-dollar supercar Apollo Intensa Emozione owns a V12 engine block, naturally aspirated, with a capacity of 6.3 liters, producing a maximum capacity of 769 horsepower and maximum torque of 760 Nm. Power is transmitted to the wheels through a 6-speed sequential gearbox.

Not only has a powerful engine, Apollo Intensa Emozione is also very light in weight with a weight of only 1,250 kg. These advantages help the Apollo supercar take only 2.7 seconds to accelerate to 100 km / h from the starting position before reaching a maximum speed of 335 km / h.

Apollo said, the secret to “lose weight” for the million-dollar supercar Intensa Emozione lies in the lightweight carbon fiber unibody frame. Add to that the racing-inspired suspension and carbon-ceramic brakes made by Brembo.

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