Rapid Success: Nike’s First-Ever CR7 Football Kit Flies Off the Shelves on Website Launch

Sporting CP’s debut jersey incorporating Cristiano Ronaldo’s CR7 brand is immediately a fan favorite.

The first-ever Nike CR7 football kit sells out on the Nike website


The Nike x CR7 Sporting third shirt, which was presented last Sunday, sold out on Nike’s website on the first day, which has not happened with any “non-limited” football outfit in recent memory. It is unknown how many jerseys Nike sold on their website, but Footy Headlines believes it was in excess of 10,000.

Meanwhile, the kit is still available in all sizes via Sporting’s official store. Fans are even purchasing numerous units, as evidenced by a recent Twitter photo.

The first-ever Nike CR7 football kit sells out on the Nike website


The first-ever Nike CR7 football kit sells out on the Nike website

The club sold nearly 10,000 Nike CR7 jerseys on the first day alone, half of which were acquired online from outside.

Ronaldo’s brand clearly has irrefutable attraction among Sporting fans and football enthusiasts globally. It will be interesting to watch whether CR7 x Nike continues to release Sporting CP uniforms in the coming seasons, and even more interesting to see if other teams acquire a CR7-branded kit.

Record Sales of CR7 Nike Sporting CP Kit

👕 Sporting’s third jersey featuring the CR7 brand is a sales sensation

💰 Sold out on the first day online, bringing in 750,000 euros in sales value

🛍️ The jersey is sold out via Nike

📈 Over 10,000 jerseys sold on the first day, half from overseas

👥 Fans are buying multiple units, showing the shirt’s popularity.

Did you anticipate that the CR7 brand on kits would be so popular among fans? Do you believe other Nike-sponsored teams, such as Al-Nassr, will follow? Please let us know in the comments section below.

The first-ever Nike CR7 football kit sells out on the Nike website

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