Rolling in Style: Ja Morant’s Daring Stunt atop His Rolls-Royce Dawn Captivates All

Unless it poses a hazard to other drivers on the road, it is none of other drivers’ business what a car’s owner does with his vehicle.

Ja Morant can stand on his Rolls-Royce Dawn all he wants, we guess

Do you wish to flaunt a tacky sticker or decal for everyone to see? Just do it. Put on an unsuitable piece of bodywork? Sure thing. Well, you know what? Install that absurdly huge wing and some other unnecessary aerodynamic additions if you must. It’s all up to you how you spend your money and how you decorate and drive your car.

Ja Morant can stand on his Rolls-Royce Dawn all he wants, we guess

However, you should respect the views of your fellow auto enthusiasts. Since the Rolls-Royce Dawn costs more than $350,000 (about P18 million) per unit, we have no qualms in saying that it hurts to see Memphis Grizzlies star and NBA playoff favourite Ja Morant step on it. Look:

Ja Morant can stand on his Rolls-Royce Dawn all he wants, we guess

Rolls-Royce Dawn4 driver Ja Morant.

The burden of an NBA-sized point guard is nothing new for Ja’s transportation, either. In the past, he has also been known to hop atop the hood of his Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. Yikes.

Look, Ja, we appreciate your game and think you’re the most entertaining guard in the league right now, but we’re pretty sure we can imagine the sound of that hood squishing.

No animosity, once more. He bought them with his own money from the NBA, thus they are his cars. He is free to run about on the roof as much as he likes. However, it breaks my heart to think of the hardships his cars here are through.

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