Seaside Mystery: Archaeologists’ Astonishment at Unearthing Fabled Dragon Skull

A spectacular marketing spectacle unfolded in the UK as a colossal dragon skull, equivalent in size to a bus, made its grand appearance on the famous “Jurassic Coast” in Dorset. This breathtaking event was organized to celebrate the highly-anticipated release of the third season of the widely acclaimed television series, “Game of Thrones,” exclusively available on the streaming service Blinkbox. The chosen location, renowned for its abundant dinosaur fossil discoveries, perfectly coordinated with the mythical world of dragons and brought an extra touch of excitement to this remarkable occasion.

Incredible Game of Thrones promotion never fails to impress, and the latest masterpiece is a massive skull standing at an astonishing 40 feet long and 9 feet tall. This magnificent creation took an impressive two months to construct, showcasing the sheer dedication behind its craftsmanship. HBO’s ingenious marketing tactics truly capture the essence of the show, reminding us of their legendary two-page ad in the New York Times earlier this year, where the text was cleverly concealed under the daunting shadow of a dragon.

As a part of a Game of Thrones exhibition held in New York, attendees had the incredible opportunity to experience the show’s legendary iron throne first-hand and even take a seat on it!

Taylor Herring Public Relations took the lead in the Blinkbox campaign, which had the objective of creating the illusion of a skull that had been swept ashore. As a way to celebrate the launch of the “Drama” channel by UKTV, they crafted an impressive 12-foot sculpture of Mr. Darcy, a character from “Pride and Prejudice,” emerging from London’s Serpentine waterway in the previous month.

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