Small Spaces Under 50 Square Feet: 49 of the Best “Tiny House” Design Ideas

Living small doesn’t mean sacrificing style. With clever tiny house design, small spaces under 50 square meters can feel open, inviting, and functional. Here are 49 smart design ideas for optimizing limited square footage:

  1. Install window seats, benches, and window shelves to add seating and storage without taking up floor space.
  2. Go vertical with tall bookshelves, wall-mounted cabinets, and shelving units. Floor space stays open.
  3. Opt for a convertible Murphy bed that folds up into a cabinet to free up daytime living space.
  4. Use glass room dividers or Japanese screens to define spaces without bulky walls. Maintain an airy, open feel.
  5. Add multifunctional furniture like storage ottomans, folding dining tables, and desk-bed combinations.
  6. Install pocket, sliding, or barn doors to save space. No door swing needed.
  7. Choose furniture that can serve multiple needs like side tables with storage cubbies. Stackable stools and chairs also help.
  8. Built-in and customized storage like under-stair drawers, kitchen cabinets, and bathroom vanities optimize every inch.
  9. Reflect light with mirrored cabinets, light paint colors, and polished surfaces to brighten up small, dark spaces.
  10. Use soft, subdued paint colors like light blues, grays, and greens to recede wall lines in a tiny home.
  11. Rely on freestanding lamps and sconces instead of ceiling lights which can make rooms feel closed in.
  12. Opt for bar stools instead of full-sized dining chairs. Stow them under a counter ledge when not in use.
  13. Install narrow open shelving or glass-front cabinets to display items without dominating space.
  14. Skip upper kitchen cabinets and opt for a few essential lower cabinets to maintain an open feel.
  15. Built-in window seats with storage are great for extra space to tuck items away.
  16. Maximize outdoor space with a small front porch, patio, or deck for extra living area.
  17. Zone spaces with area rugs in an open concept home instead of using walls or partitions.
  18. Use dual-purpose furniture that serves as a coffee table yet converts into a dining table.
  19. Install a kitchen island on wheels that doubles as extra counter space or a dining table.
  20. Use stackable washer/dryers, sink cabinets, and folding laundry drying racks.

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