Smart Confirms Intimate Proposal to Hallum After Dodging Social Media Spotlight

In December of 2022, Marcus Smart popped the question to his long-time girlfriend Maisa Hallum. On the other hand, with the exception of their engagement announcement, Smart prefers to keep his relationship with Hallum out of the public eye and away from social media.

Marcus Smart does not talk much about his personal life, despite the fact that he is a professional basketball player and has a high profile career.

NBA star Marcus Smart officially announced the background of his proposal to Maisa Hallum after his tendency to keep his relationship private and away from attention on social networks

It was in December of 2022 when the Memphis Grizzlies player popped the question to Maisa Hallum. With the sole exception of the announcement of his engagement, Smart does not discuss any aspect of his personal life on social media. This includes his relationship with Hallum. Instead, he is solely focused on his basketball career and his humanitarian work.

Even though Hallum is known to make unobtrusive visits to Smart’s basketball games, he has been observed being present on multiple occasions. Even while NBA players were forced to spend the rest of the season in the “bubble” due to the CoVID-19 epidemic, she was thoughtful enough to send him a sweet video greeting during the Boston Celtics’ run in the playoffs in the year 2020.

NBA star Marcus Smart officially announced the background of his proposal to Maisa Hallum after his tendency to keep his relationship private and away from attention on social networks

She continued her commentary by saying, “Marcus is honestly like the ultimate competitor,” which was shown in the clip. According to the words of one of his teammates, “He just makes you want to play hard because he gives it his all every second of every game, and he always says, ‘I’m going play like it’s my last game.’” (He gives it his all every second of every game.) People, in my opinion, are energized by the level of competitiveness that he provides, and it makes you want to elevate your own game to permanently equal it.

After watching the film, Smart glowed with excitement and proclaimed that it was “awesome.”

The two people have always looked out for one another and are very supportive of one another’s efforts to further charitable causes.

However, what about the woman that Marcus Smart is engaged to? Find out every piece of information there is to know about Maisa Hallum, the girlfriend of the NBA player.

Her birthplace is in the state of California.

According to an interview that took place in April 2020 as part of Blueprint Concepts’ “Women Making Waves” series, Hallum and her sister spent their formative years in the Golden State.

“Being born and raised in California, we always grew up around the beach, and we found ourselves in swimwear more than streetwear,” Hallum said, explaining the drive for her and her sister’s swimsuit firm. “We found ourselves in swimwear more than we found ourselves in streetwear,” Hallum added.

She is one of the co-founders of a swimsuit company.

NBA star Marcus Smart officially announced the background of his proposal to Maisa Hallum after his tendency to keep his relationship private and away from attention on social networks

Hallum gives a significant amount of her time and energy to Sousa Swim, the company that she and her sister founded.

During her interview with Blueprint Concepts, she shared, “I think the most important thing is being able to create pieces that make women feel confident in their skin,” as her opinion on what the most crucial aspect is.

Hallum proceeded by saying that after she graduated from college, she established the company and devoted herself to designing clothes for the label.

She elaborated by saying that “keeping it really simple and clean, you can’t go wrong with that” was the guiding principle behind the designs for the first season. We discover new ways of thinking in the environment around us whenever we go, regardless of whether we are in the city or on vacation.

Even if Sousa Swim has an Instagram account, the profile has not been updated in quite some time.

During the month of October in 2017, she went to a gala with Smart.

Marcus Smart, number 36 for the Boston Celtics, is seen here celebrating the team’s victory in Game Six of the Eastern Conference Finals in the year 2023.

At the October 2017 Shamrock Foundation Tip-Off Gala hosted by the Boston Celtics, a photograph was taken of Hallum and Smart posing together. The event took place at the Westin Waterfront Hotel in Boston, which is located in the city of Boston.

At the ceremony, images were taken of Hallum standing next to the NBA player, and the Celtics later posted those photos on their official Facebook page.

NBA star Marcus Smart officially announced the background of his proposal to Maisa Hallum after his tendency to keep his relationship private and away from attention on social networks

On Christmas Day, he made his proposal.

On Christmas Day in 2022, five years later, Smart popped the question to Hallum. For the proposal, he hired Will Smith, one of Hallum’s favorite actors.

Hallum appeared perplexed as she heard a video message from Smith, who wished her a Merry Christmas from Antarctica, in the video of his proposal that Smart released on Instagram.

“I know that you may not have gotten the stuff that you wаnted,” he continued. You will not leave Christmas day without something good, I assure you of that.

Hallum turned around at that point and was taken aback to see Smart on one knee with the proposal. With a resounding “Y E S’! (Phew!)” The post was captioned cleverly. As @willsmith put it, “Thanks for the setup help!”

After proposing to Hallum, the former Boston Celtics player explained that he wаnted to include Smith because he is Hallum’s favorite actor.

According to Smart’s words to the press, “it was cool, Will didn’t have to do that,” and he is “really appreciative” of the time Will took out of his busy schedule. One of her favorite actors is Will Smith.

Hallum and her family are big Smart fans, and she’s often spotted cheering from the stands at his games.

Hallum doesn’t have Instagram, but her sister Naseme frequently shares photos of the family showing their support for Smart at various events.

With the comment, “More lifeee my brother,” Naseme appeared to celebrate Smart’s birthday with him in March of 2022.

Together, they engage in acts of charity.

Hallum has backed Smart’s humanitarian efforts, and Smart’s YounGameChangers organization continues to do good. Both went to “An Evening with Marcus Smart,” a YounGameChangers event in December 2017.

The following year, Hallum was captured on camera with the Celtics Wоmen’s Group handing out candy to kids at the Boston Children’s Hospital on Halloween.

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