Sofia Franklyn criticized the way LeBron James cheated on his wife Savannah

On October 26, a female Internet celebrity named Sofia Franklyn spoke about the topic of celebrity cheating and deception on her personal podcast. She first mentioned Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine, then mentioned Leonardo DiCaprio and LeBron James, she said that James often throws parties for women and is a sex thief!

James has always been a good husband and father, Sofia Franklyn’s comment has caused heated debate among netizens. As soon as this video was released, the number of online views quickly exceeded 1 million. Realizing that the incident had become serious, a number of news sites such as Fox also reported on the incident, but so far James’s team has not responded.

Of course, the first reaction of many fans is that this female internet star is in trouble. Because she also said in the video: “I myself did not receive the invitation, but my friend did.” She heard from “friends” that James was throwing parties and asking women to sign privacy agreements. Therefore, fans commented that she needs to show some real evidence for people to trust her.

If a confidentiality agreement was signed it would be evidence, but so far no media or individual has exposed it. Sofia Franklyn currently has 762,000 followers on Instagram and is considered an online celebrity. But she had little connection to the NBA and no stars took notice of her.



In July this year, a female internet celebrity named “justghazal_” posted a screenshot of James browsing his internal story (PS: James did not send her a private message). The online celebrity also wrote: “I am followed every day by players and singers but I never reply to their private messages.” Fans commented, James also didn’t send you a private message! She immediately closed comments.

justghazal_ has only 100,000 fans, not as many as the first Internet celebrity Sofia Franklyn. James has 130 million fans on Instagram so not responding may be the best option. As long as they respond publicly, these Internet celebrities will definitely increase their number of followers. There is basically no real evidence, as for right or wrong, everyone has their own opinion.



NBA stars are famous and rich, and James is the league’s signature. However, in nearly 20 years since joining the NBA, James has never been involved in any scandal. Every time his wife’s birthday or wedding anniversary comes, he will also take time to congratulate her. Of course, some fans will be skeptical: “If you’re rich, famous and in good health, how can you still be so devoted? It’s unbelievable!”



The NBA is a big mess, some players’ personal lives are a mess, but not all. It can only be said that everyone has different pursuits, some players focus on the field, while others are greedy for fun. During the 2020 rematch, Internet celebrity Hanmalie posted a video of an NBA player paying $7,000 and her entering the park to accompany him.

In the summer of 2021, adult actress Lana Rhoades stated in a podcast that a Libra Nets player invited her to watch the game in the box, but she felt the player was not attractive enough and began dating him. another Nets player. This season, she said that her children’s father was an NBA player, but he ignored them.

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