The Art of Scoring: Exploring the Techniques that Fueled Cristiano Ronaldo’s Record Success

For those who love and are passionate about sports in general and football in particular, are amateur soccer players who want to become a star in the country or around the world. Today, let’s learn about famous Portuguese player Cristiano Ronaldo’s skillful playing style on the field.

He is the man who has been named the all-time international goalscorer to date. A versatile attacking player on the pitch, he can use his speed, agility and technique to outmaneuver opponents in one-on-one situations. Ronaldo is known for his delicate dribbling, often displaying a series of bait-and-switch actions that take opponents by surprise. Now let’s see what 10 skills the golden feet used? To score the opposing teams in such a great way!

1. Meg Elastic

When you’re facing an opponent’s full-back on the field, use the tip of your dominant foot to push as if you’re going to cut the ball to get past the defender. Then use the inside of the foot to push the ball through the gap between the legs of the defender standing opposite you gently, but surprisingly for the opponent.

2.Ronaldo Chop

Skills that help Cristiano Ronaldo break a series of goalscoring records

When you are dribbling across the court at a fast pace and you see the opposing defender following behind. You take the momentum to jump with both feet and use the inside of the foot to push the ball back to trick the opponent, let the opponent run straight ahead and you go back to get your ball .

3.One Foot McGeady

When detecting that an opponent’s defender is coming close behind to steal the ball or clear your ball, keeping the kick at the foot close to the sideline near the opponent’s goal. You use one foot around the front, then use the other foot to push the ball slightly towards your front foot and finally kick back with the same foot that just circled back so that the opponent can’t get the ball easily.

4.Step Overs

Skills that help Cristiano Ronaldo break a series of goalscoring records

When you are running with the ball in front of your opponent’s goal and you encounter an opponent blocking first. Stepping around in front of the ball to distract the opponent’s defender will not easily see which direction you want to kick the ball towards the goalkeeper.

5.Double Chop

The kick fools the opponent’s defenders with both of his inner cheeks in perfect harmony. When the opponent’s defender runs close to you to get the ball, you use your cheek to push it slightly towards the other foot, then that foot kicks the ball behind the other foot so that the opponent defender can’t get the ball from you.

6.Drag ‘n Step Over

This is a rather complicated looking kick technique that requires the kicker to have an extremely skillful kicking skill through a process of much training and complex practice. When the defender is getting too close to you, it makes it harder for you to handle the ball to get to the opponent’s goal. Instead of kicking a direct shot in front of the opponent’s defender, you will kick the trick around and let the ball go sideways so that the two feet combine to pull the dribble to the side and kick the trick for the defender to not judge. Guess which direction you will kick.

7.Outside Heel Toe

Skills that help Cristiano Ronaldo break a series of goalscoring records

This is a way of kicking a direct kick to get past the opponent’s defender, you use the outside of your foot to kick the ball too diagonally, almost straight, if the opponent’s defender has not yet noticed the ball will about my feet or not.

8. Fake Cross

When the ball is in your best possession, the opposing team’s defender moves forward to steal the ball. You let the ball roll in the direction that the defender thinks is right in the way you think and quickly accelerate and quickly pull the ball close to the goal to pass to your teammates right next to the opponent’s goal then the result will be give you many surprises.

9.Roll Top Chop

Skills that help Cristiano Ronaldo break a series of goalscoring records

After the ball is out of control of the opposing defender, kick a fake circle around the ball and kick back so that the defender runs out of momentum and can’t come back to steal your ball easily.

10.Foot Hover

When you have the ball but you do not move but stand still with the ball and confront the opponent defender subtly provocatively about to steal the ball. You will handle quickly to land the ball quickly and make sure to stand and cut the ball, must be fast, this phase will be successful as expected.

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