The Cyber Angels Go Back to the Streets in Gritty 3.0 Relaunch

The Cyber Angels are returning to the gritty streets in an upcoming comic relaunch full of fresh twists. This reimagined 3.0 version modernizes the 90s comic about rollerblading teen vigilantes protecting their city.

Gone are the neon wardrobes and cheeseball catchphrases. The new Cyber Angels have ditched their blades for hoverboards and augmented reality interfaces. These aren’t your older sibling’s Cyber Angels – the tomboy skater girls have grown into edgy, empowered women.

Series writer Amanda Perez describes the 3.0 Angels as “unapologetically badass. They still fight for justice, but on their own terms using cutting-edge tech.”

While the original Cybergirls fought street-level crime, the new dramas deal with corporate corruption, AI threats, and privacy rights. These Angels pack a seriously upgraded arsenal including quantum computing gloves, holographic disguises, and advanced weaponry.

The classic Angels are back sporting modernized looks, deeper backstories, and complex motivations. Hothead Rebel is now a hacker adept at digging up deep secrets. Hippie Chick has become an eco-warrior whose powers draw strength from nature. Each Angel brings unique high-tech skills to the team.

While the themes are timely, the action is pure adrenaline. Perez promises space chases, flying hoverboard duels, and epic showdowns with nefarious villains. She sums it up saying, “This relaunch dials everything up to 11! The Angels are bolder, more flawed, and totally badass. Fans are going to love this amped up ride!” Strap in, the gritty new Cyber Angels are set to blow readers away this fall.

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