The dog was saved from abuse by the man and became a loyal CO-Rider

This man was brave when he stood up for the helpless dog, and the best part is that he gave the puppy a second chance.

On Valentine’s Day, a biker named Brandon Turnbow showed his true love by stopping everything to help a small dog who was being hurt.

Turnbow was riding his motorcycle down Highway 171 in Texas on his way to spend the day riding with his father.

Turnbow was driving down the highway when he saw a terrible man beating a small Jack Russell. He was surprised and decided right away to tell the man what he thought. Before he could say anything, the man threw the dog out the car window and drove away.

Turnbow cautiously walked up to the shaking puppy because he knew he couldn’t leave him alone because the puppy was hurt and scared. Even though he was afraid the dog would run into traffic, he did not move.

Turnbow wrote on Facebook, “I take a chance and just fold my body over him to see if he will bite or trust me. Then he shook his body against me, so I got up and put him on the bike seat in my arms. My question was, “What now?”

Turnbow knew he had to move quickly, but he didn’t want to scare the dog any more than he already had. So, he turned on the bike to help the dog get used to the vibrations before going on with his trip. As soon as the little Jack Russell seemed comfortable, Turnbow put it in his bag.

As soon as he saw the dog’s big eyes looking at him, he fell in love.

“In my rearview mirror, I saw this guy throw the dog into the air and drive away,” the driver said. Brandon wrote on Facebook, “I went after him just to give him the number one sign.” “And please give my new copilot, Mr. DAVIDSON, a warm welcome.”

Turnbow took the puppy home with him that day and named him Mr. Davidson after his Harley-Davidson bike. Mr. Davidson was lucky that he liked riding on Turnbow’s motorcycle.

I try to look as far back as I can to see if the dog is trying to move, and I was surprised to find that he seemed to like riding. When Mr. Davidson heard that the trip back to my house was only 45 kilometers long, he was very happy. I think he was mad at me because I sometimes got in the way of his airflow.

The 10-year-old dog quickly got used to his new home and started to care about his new owner.

Mr. Davidson liked Turnbow just as much as he liked his dog. He even wrote a touching song about the pet.

Even though Mr. Davidson was saved two years ago, he is still in love with Turnbow.

After a long day of work, they like to unwind by the fire.

Turnbow was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time, so he was able to save this lost puppy. We’re so glad that these two got together!

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