The Top 17 “Small Prefab House” Designs to Save Time and Money

Looking for a quality prefabricated home that perfectly fits your small space and budget? With the rise in innovative construction methods, there are now endless options when it comes to beautiful, functional small prefab houses. Here are 17 of the best small prefab house designs to consider for your next project.

    1. The Alkita – This stylish 640 square foot model from Ideabox cleverly maximizes space with lofted ceilings, multi-purpose furniture, and clean lines. A chic and minimalist tiny home.
    2. The Studio – For just 400 square feet, this gorgeous Studio model from Blu Homes doesn’t skimp on style with its modern farmhouse vibe, light-filled interiors, and pine siding exterior.
    3. TheMERA – At 720-960 square feet, this flexible floor plan from Method Homes utilizes movable partition walls to customize spaces. The modern fa├žade includes sleek horizontal siding and generous windows.
    4. The Wilson – This compact cliffside model from Abodu features stylish bamboo finishes, an outdoor patio, and panoramic windows to soak in the views, making 430 square feet feel expansive.
    5. The Burrow – Built partially underground, this ingenious 336 square foot Designboom Magazine prototype creates spacious interiors despite the small footprint. Unique and eco-friendly.

  1. The XS-House – Measuring only 184 square feet, this stunning model from Tomecek Studio squeezes in a kitchen, bathroom, desk, and sleeping loft through resourceful design.
  2. The DL House – With 295 square feet of living space, this charming design from Deltec Homes includes a sleek kitchen, cozy bedroom, and wraparound porch overlooking the forest.
  3. The Tiny Boxwood Retreat – Crafted from durable SIP panels by Tiny Heirloom, this 270 square foot cottage bursts with rustic charm thanks to its cedar siding, pine interior, and sleeping loft.
  4. The Vista Boho – Embody relaxed bohemian style in this artsy 350 square foot house from Cubist Design + Architecture featuring an airy layout with metal roofing and pops of color.
  5. The Bayside – Ideal for beachfront placement, this breezy, nautical-themed prefab from Tiny Heirloom spans 500 square feet and flaunts large windows to admire the seaside views.
  6. The Cabin – Modern and minimal, this 495 square foot model from shelter kit utilizes wood, glass, and corrugated metal to create an energy-efficient forest retreat.
  7. The Wedge – PlasNew’s innovative 231 square foot angular design makes a unique statement with its unconventional shape and floor-to-ceiling windows in a wooded setting.
  8. The Lokal – Green and eco-friendly, this smart 390 square foot design from SG Blocks includes recycled materials, energy-saving features, and indoor/outdoor.
  9. The Oregon Cottage – At just 480 square feet, this idyllic gabled cottage from Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses maximizes living space with dual lofts and charming farmhouse vibes.
  10. The Birdbox – Perched on pillars above the forest floor, this 350 square foot prefab treehouse from Kodasema features a multi-functional layout and sleek Scandinavian style.
  11. The Backyard Studio – This Accessory Dwelling Unit model from Studio Shed offers a contemporary take on a guest cottage or home office, spanning 470 square feet.
  12. The Alma – Built partially below ground, the Alma by Studio Bipolar utilizes insulating earth to create a space-maximizing 367 square foot dwelling with cutting-edge eco design.

With endless options for creating a well-designed yet budget-friendly small prefab home, you’re sure to find the perfect efficient house plan that suits your needs and style

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