Tiny Marvels: Unveiling the Charm of a Wonderful 36 Square Meters House Design

A 36-square-meter house represents a practical design that offers a compact living space. In a house of this size, it is important that every room is functional and that the space is used with maximum efficiency. Here are the features of this type of house design:

Living Area: The living area of ​​a 36-square-meter house should be arranged in a way that provides versatile use. A section that usually includes the living room, the dining area, and sometimes the work area can be located in this area. The placement of furniture should be done strategically to create a feeling of spaciousness despite the narrow space. Solutions such as convenient storage units, a bookcase, or wall-mounted shelves can be used to make the most of limited space.

Kitchen: In a 36-square-meter house, the kitchen should be designed to fit into a small space. Compact cabinets save space, while wall space can be made available with open shelves or hangers. The workbench and a few essential appliances should be strategically placed for ease of use.

Bedroom: In a house of this size, the bedroom should have a private space for rest. The size of the bed should be chosen so that it does not fill the space. Storage solutions should be considered to save space. Solutions such as high shelves, walk-in closets, or storage units can provide ample room for clothes, shoes, and other personal items.

Bathroom: A compact bathroom should be functional just in case. It should contain essential items such as a shower stall, sink, and toilet. It should also have storage areas to save space. Wall shelves or walk-in closets are ideal for organizing toiletries.

Storage: Creating storage space in a small home is essential. Solutions such as shelves, hangers, or built-in cabinets that can be mounted on the walls can be used. Also, drawers or boxes can be used to evaluate the bottom of the furniture.

Light and Color: In a 36-square-meter home, it is important to make the most of natural light. Large windows or sliding doors make the interior feel brighter and more spacious. At the same time, light-colored walls and ceilings make the space appear larger. Lighting arrangements can also affect the atmosphere of the home. Strategically placed lighting fixtures allow you to differentiate between rooms and highlight focal points.

Multi-Purpose Furniture: Multi-purpose furniture is a great advantage for those living in limited space. For example, a sofa can turn into a bed or a table can be integrated with drawers. Wall-mountable folding tables can be used as work or dining areas, saving space. Multipurpose furniture increases the flexibility of the space and can meet different needs.

Open Space Arrangement: Open space arrangement is important in a 36-square-meter house. For example, a balcony or patio can provide valuable additional space to spend time outside. Items such as a planter, sitting area, or outdoor dining table can make this space more useful and enjoyable.

Minimalism: It is important to apply the principles of minimalism in a small home. Reducing unnecessary items and adopting a simple decoration style makes the space feel larger and more spacious. Furniture with clean lines and an orderly arrangement offers a minimalist aesthetic.

In conclusion, designing a 36-square-meter home can be a daunting challenge, but with the right planning and strategic thinking, it is possible to create a functional and spacious living space. In a compact house, it is important to use each room with maximum efficiency, consider storage solutions, and choose multipurpose furniture. Light, color, and a minimalist approach help the space feel larger and more spacious.

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