UNO links up with Nike and Giannis Antetokounmpo to launch a new collection

Milwaukee Bucks superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo unveiled his latest signature shoe, the Nike Zoom Freak 4, through an exciting collaboration with UNO and Nike. The unique partnership brought together Giannis’ love of family and UNO with his newest sneaker release.

Earlier this year, Giannis posted a photo on social media showing his family gathered around a table playing UNO. It illustrated the importance of family time and fun for the NBA champion. Seeing an opportunity, UNO reached out about a potential partnership, and Nike brought the popular card game together with its newest Giannis kick.

The result was a customized UNO deck featuring Giannis on the cards. At a launch event in Greece, his home country, Giannis played UNO with local kids while debuting the new Nike Zoom Freak 4. The white, green and brick red shoes feature his signature Freak logo and sleek, technical designs optimized for his versatile athleticism.

UNO also produced a limited edition sneaker box for the Zoom Freak 4 modeled after their classic card game box. Each box contains the custom Giannis UNO deck along with a pair of the new shoes. Only 50 sets were created, underscoring the exclusive nature of the collaboration.

Bringing together family, fun and fashion, the UNO x Nike partnership provided a fitting way for Giannis to unveil his latest signature. It blended his passion for basketball, cultural roots and card games through creative cross-promotion. For basketball and sneaker fans alike, it represented an exciting collaboration uniting an iconic game and one of sports’ biggest stars.

The innovative partnership showed how Giannis continues impacting the game on and off the court. His relentless positivity and work ethic inspire young athletes globally. By joining forces with beloved brands like UNO, Giannis uplifts communities worldwide and introduces his fans to the joys of family and sport.



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