Utah, United States, Cozy Ranch Cabin with Mountain Views

Cozy Ranch Cabin With Mountain Views In Utah, United States

Take a look inside this cozy cabin rental located in Monroe, Utah, United States. The cabin with mountain views can accommodate up to 5 guests, 2 bedrooms with 3 beds, and 1 bath. This charming little wood cabin is located at the base of Monroe Mountain.

Cozy Ranch Cabin With Mountain Views In Utah, United States

It has spectacular views of mountains in all directions from the loft deck. It sleeps 5 guests comfortably. It is a darling and cozy little home base for Utah’s Mighty 5 National Parks, or to relax and enjoy Monroe Mountain, Hot Springs, ATV trails, fishing, hiking, and wildlife all nearby. In the summer months, you can enjoy watching the para-gliders/hang-gliders land just across the street. The cabin has wood throughout and is decorated in a cabin style you’ll be sure to love

Cozy Ranch Cabin With Mountain Views In Utah, United States

During your vacation stay, you can walk out of the loft to relax on the upper deck with spectacular views of the Tushar Mountain range, The Cove Basin, Pahvant Mountain range, and Monroe Mountain. You can do some star gazing and enjoy roasting marshmallows and eating s’mores. Lounge on the front porch and watch the para-gliders and grill up a tasty dinner. Relax on an outdoor futon/pull-out bed on the west side porch and take in the gorgeous sunsets. You might eat breakfast on the porch on the table provided or it is a great place to work from home. There is a side-by-side rental right next door along with an RV park which will have a small convenience store with hard ice cream and treats (coming soon)

Cozy Ranch Cabin With Mountain Views In Utah, United States

Some guests have wondered about the old white dairy barn that is about 50 yards behind the wood cabin. It was called the Hi Roe dairy barn which was a co-op of 13 families, early dairy farmers that built and owned it together, including the owner’s ancestors. As it was a significant structure in Monroe, it was built right at the end of the main street in Monroe. You will notice they have started purchasing building supplies and have plans to rebuild the barn, just as this little cabin building was rebuilt from an old grainery that was located on a different property in town. The owners are choosing to rebuild it into something cool versus demolishing it due to its historical significance. You’ll want to note, the hammock that is pictured has been replaced due to safety concerns with the cement underneath it. They have replaced it with the location of their choice depending on if they want to watch the sunrise or the para-gliders in the East or the sunset in the West.

Cozy Ranch Cabin With Mountain Views In Utah, United States

There is plenty of parking around the cabin building for ATV trailers, and more. The owners love their furry friends and love to take them with them when they travel and so you are welcome to bring them along as long as they are closely watched by their owners (Please maximum of 2 unless special permission is given). It is helpful if you bring along your pet’s beds/blankets for them to lounge/sleep on

Cozy Ranch Cabin With Mountain Views In Utah, United States

Cozy Ranch Cabin With Mountain Views In Utah, United States

Cozy Ranch Cabin With Mountain Views In Utah, United States

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