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LeBron James Advocates For Ravens’ Lamar Jackson To Win NFL MVP

LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers is one person who is undoubtedly keeping an eye on the NFL season as it comes to an end.

James loves football so much that he watches it every weekend and occasionally makes predictions. LeBron used to be a well-known Dallas Cowboys supporter, but he recently switched teams, now rooting for the Cleveland Browns, his hometown team.

Despite being a Browns supporter, James does not disregard other events occurring in the league, including those within Cleveland’s division.

The Baltimore Ravens, who improved to 13-3 after defeating the Miami Dolphins, are the greatest club in the NFL this year. They have secured the top seed in the AFC.

Lamar Jackson, the previous NFL MVP and current front-runner for the honor, has guided them. James made sure to show Jackson some love after his five touchdown effort against the Dolphins by supporting him for MVP:

With one week remaining, Jackson virtually locks up MVP honors because the Ravens have the best record and he has played in some memorable games recently, most notably against the 49ers and Dolphins.

Jackson has completed 67.2% of his throws for 3,678 yards this season, including 24 touchdowns and 7 interceptions. In addition, he has run for 5 touchdowns and 821 yards, averaging a league-best 5.5 yards per carry.

Jackson and the Ravens would play each other in the playoffs if James’ Browns, who are guaranteed the fifth seed in the AFC, win their opening game. LeBron is a huge Jackson fan, so even if he is devoted to Cleveland, that would make for an intriguing matchup.

LeBron James warns that the Lakers won’t be able to settle comfortably after going home.James and the Lakers, in contrast to the Ravens, have had difficulty getting through the regular season, especially in December following their victory in the NBA In-Season Tournament.

The Lakers’ schedule lightens in January, though, with 11 of their 15 games taking place at Crypto.com Arena, which should help them win some games. James admonished them not to become “comfortable” just because they were at home because they had some challenging opponents scheduled.

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