Where Fantasy Meets Reality: Exploring the Enigmatic Irish Sky Garden – A Tapestry of Myths and Adventures

The deep and mysterious hollow is called the “Sky Garden”. In fact, this is a uniquely shaped garden that fascinates many tourists who visit. The name of this “Sky Garden” is the Irish Sky Garden, located in Russagh, Co. Cork, Ireland, designed by James Turrell, a renowned architect with large-scale projects involving light and space.

The Mysterious Irish Sky Garden: Exploring Myths, Stories, and Adventures

The “Sky Garden” is a contemporary work of art with outstanding shape and aesthetics. It is often referred to as a bridge between two worlds, with many strange fairy tales happening around it.

The Mysterious Irish Sky Garden: Exploring Myths, Stories, and Adventures

Depending on the person, the “Sky Garden” can appear as a hollow or a bowl. Its structure features a central rock formation, reminiscent of the altars of ancient Celtic and Egyptian civilizations. In the middle, a floating altar emerges, with stone footrests on both sides, allowing visitors to lie face up and gaze out towards the edge of the volcano above.

The Mysterious Irish Sky Garden: Exploring Myths, Stories, and Adventures

From the inside, all that visitors can see is a blue sky and lush green grass below, evoking ancient rituals of the past. According to architect James Turrell, “The most important thing is that the inside becomes the outside and vice versa. Through this, the relationship between the landscape and the alien sky changes.”

If you have ever struggled to clear your mind during meditation, a moment inside the “Sky Garden” may help you temporarily relieve stress.

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