Witness the construction of new aircraft carriers

Aircraft carriers have long been symbols of naval power and strategic capabilities. As the world evolves, so does the need for new and advanced aircraft carriers to meet the demands of modern warfare. In this article, we will explore the current status of new aircraft carriers being constructed or planned by various countries. From the United States to Russia, France to China, Brazil to the United Kingdom, and even Japan, let’s catch the construction of all the new aircraft carriers!

The United States of America

The United States, with its powerful navy, has always been at the forefront of aircraft carrier development. The Secretary of the Navy has called for the construction of up to six light aircraft carriers. This initiative aims to increase the number of aircraft carriers in the fleet in a cost-effective manner. With a current fleet of 12 aircraft carriers, this expansion would enhance the naval capabilities of the United States and ensure a strong presence on the seas.


Russia is also stepping up its aircraft carrier capabilities with the Project 23000E Shtorm. This new aircraft carrier, planned to enter service in the next decade, will be equipped with the advanced S-500 anti-aircraft missile system. With such cutting-edge technology, Russia aims to strengthen its naval forces and assert its presence in global maritime operations.


France, known for its Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier, is already planning its next-generation flagship warship. The future aircraft carrier, set to replace the Charles de Gaulle in 2038, will be nuclear-powered. This upgrade will bring enhanced capabilities and flexibility to the French fleet, ensuring their continued prominence in naval operations.


China, boasting the world’s largest navy, currently operates two aircraft carriers, the Liaoning and the Shandong. However, they are not stopping there. The Chinese Navy has another aircraft carrier under construction at the shipyards in Shanghai. This expansion highlights China’s commitment to naval modernization and its aspirations to project power across the seas.


In an interesting development, the Brazilian Navy has reclassified its PHM Atlântico (A140) landing platform helicopter ship as a multipurpose aircraft carrier under the name NAM Atlântico. This reclassification reflects Brazil’s strategic objectives and its desire to enhance its naval capabilities in the region.

United Kingdom

The Royal Navy of the United Kingdom is also making strides in the field of aircraft carriers. With plans to field a force of two carriers, the HMS Queen Elizabeth, the first carrier, is set to conduct its first operational deployment next year. Its sister ship, the HMS Prince of Wales, will soon join the fleet. These carriers are designed to carry 12 F-35B fighter jets and have the capacity to embark up to 36 of these advanced aircraft.

Japan, in its pursuit of strengthening its maritime defense capabilities, is making modifications to its Izumo-class helicopter destroyer. These modifications include a cleared and reinforced flight deck, aircraft guidance lights, and heat-resistant deck sections to enable vertical landings by F-35B fighter jets. The sister ship of Izumo, the Kaga, is also expected to be converted into an aircraft carrier, although a timeline for its modifications has not yet been released.

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