Witnessing a 3-Meter-High Entity Accompanied by Two Astronauts on a Space Mission

In a mind-boggling turn of events, a NASA expert recently came forward with a remarkable claim that has left both the scientific community and the public in awe. This extraordinary account involves a jaw-dropping encounter witnessed by the expert during a space mission—an encounter that defies our understanding of the cosmos.

According to the NASA expert, whose identity remains undisclosed, the incident occurred while they were on a routine space mission. As they embarked on their extraterrestrial journey, little did they know they were about to become eyewitnesses to an enigma beyond comprehension.


When Clark McClelland met the humanoid extraterrestrial, he would have been working as part of a team that was stationed at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida.
In the depths of space, the expert’s gaze was suddenly drawn to a phenomenon that defied explanation—a towering entity standing at an astounding height of three meters. But what was even more perplexing was the presence of two astronauts beside this celestial enigma. How could such an inexplicable sight manifest itself in the vast emptiness of the cosmos?While the expert’s claims might sound like the plot of a science fiction movie, they have ignited fervent discussions within NASA and the wider scientific community. Skeptics question the validity of such an astonishing assertion, demanding concrete evidence to support this mind-bending encounter.
NASA Expert's Astonishing Encounter: Witnessing a 3-Meter-High Entity Accompanied by Two Astronauts on a Space Mission (Video) - srody.com
According to him, the “being” walked up to the American astronauts while standing on two legs, and he had a dialogue with them that lasted for around one minute and several seconds.lark McClelland was the “aerospace engineer and NASA worker” who claimed to have participated in more than 660 space missions between 1958 and 1992. In 2012 McClelland published a controversial video in which he claimed to have seen a humanoid enтιтy three meters in the space shuttle.


McClelland observed (through his monitor) an enтιтy giving orders to human astronauts through hand gestures. All this while McClelland was on duty at the Kennedy Space Launch Center.

“I was able to observe the movement of his arm moving to the right, giving instructions to the astronauts who were there.

I looked at it for one minute and six seconds and also saw a large ship beyond the base.”

NASA Expert's Astonishing Encounter: Witnessing a 3-Meter-High Entity Accompanied by Two Astronauts on a Space Mission (Video) - srody.com

McClelland explained.He also ᴀssured that in other space missions, there were more people who saw strange beings interacting with humans.

He said:“I am an expert at visually recognizing any ship created and flown by the human race, whether secret or not! And I can also tell an Earth ship from a non-Earth ship!”

In one of his videos, McClelland said that NASA fired him after discussing the interaction between the Humanoid Being and NASA astronauts.

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