A monster covered in black thorns washed ashore on a riverbank in England

Some experts have commented that the heavily decomposed carcasses on the banks of the Mersy River may belong to the whale order, including dolphins.

Sean Hall discovered a strange creature with fangs and black spikes washed up on the banks of the Mersey River, Liverpool, England, while walking with his colleagues. He thought the creature looked like a prehistoric river monster.

“At first we thought it was a seal and then got closer. We thought this creature was in trouble and went to see if we could help return it to the sea, but it died,” Hall recounted.

He commented that it looked like it had no eyes and the skin was quite slimy. He also contacted a number of animal organizations to help with identification but to no avail.

“Unfortunately, this creature was so rotten that it lost most of its identifying features. It would probably be easier to identify it by the flesh, but based on the photos, this could be any creature from the fish family.” rat pig to a large fish of the rat-tailed fish family,” said Dr. Leonie Robinson, who teaches marine biology at the University of Liverpool. He also believed that this creature had been dead for a long time because the head was rotten to the jawbone.

“The heavily decomposed creature may belong to the whale order, which includes dolphins. We have sent information to the local agency in charge of disposing of animal carcasses and the organization specializing in investigating the cause of the incidents.” stranded like that,” said an expert at the Royal Society for the Protection of Animals (RSPCA).

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