Discovery of a snowman like creature in the Dutch forest causes controversy

Two boys discovered and recorded a strange creature, a Bigfoot, peeking out from behind a tree from afar while exploring a national park in the Netherlands.

Sinh vật nghi người tuyết trong rừng Hà Lan gây tranh cãi - VnExpress

The video filmed by two young men named Lucas and Jeroen during an expedition in Veluwezoom national park, Netherlands, shows the vague silhouette of a creature very similar to a Yeti watching them from deep in the forest, Mirror today. now reported.

The couple saw the creature from afar at the same time they heard a loud knocking sound. As they took the camera closer, the creature seemed to be staring at them from its hiding place behind a large tree. The boys looked scared and couldn’t believe their eyes. The video was suddenly cut off by what sounded like gunshots, forcing them to run away.

Phát hiện sinh vật giống người tuyết trong rừng ở Mỹ

The video was first shared by Mike Soze account on TheMusicmemorylanewhere channel, attracting more than 5 million views and sparking a fierce debate on the Internet about the origin of the creature.

While some people believe that the strange creature is the legendary Snowman monster, many opinions believe that this is a tall bear, or just a crow or woodpecker perched on its body. tree.

Sinh vật giống người tuyết trong rừng Ukraine gây tranh cãi - VnExpress

Many people claim that the Snowman is not real, emphasizing that the videos said to capture this creature are often very blurry, shot from a long distance, and may even be staged products.



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