Infuriating the wild elephants, the man had to kneel and beg for his life

Elephants are the heaviest land animals in the world, normally they are quite shy and rarely interact with humans, but once mad, the destructive power of this animal is extremely terrible.
Located 120 km from Bangkok – Thailand, Khao Yai National Park (meaning large) is the third largest park in Thailand with an area of more than 2,000 square kilometers.

Unforgettable Encounter: Man's Emotional Apology to Forest Elephants After Provoking Them, Captured on Camera!..D - LifeAnimal

It has an extremely rich ecosystem with 3,000 species of plants, 320 species of birds and 67 species of mammals, in which many wild elephants live here.

More than 400 large and small elephants have been counted in the whole national park of Khao Yai Thailand and is said to have the most wild elephants in the national parks in Thailand.

Because of the natural wild life in Khao Yai, people encountering large herds of wild elephants commuting happens quite often here.

Just like the clip was accidentally filmed by a passerby. Accordingly, a man riding a motorbike at a rather slow speed passed the gathering place of a large herd of elephants.

This man kept carefree walking close to the elephants without knowing that the sound of his engine was bothering them. An elephant standing nearby and also the largest one, howled in anger and rushed to attack the motorcyclist.

Too scared he had to immediately get out of the car and make a sign like kneeling to ask the elephant to spare his life.

After that, he had to abandon the motorbike and run straight into the forest when several elephants chased him closely.

Fortunately, neither the person nor the vehicle was damaged.

Unforgettable Encounter: Man's Emotional Apology to Forest Elephants After Provoking Them, Captured on Camera!..D - LifeAnimal

Mr. Chris Draper, a member of the Born Free wildlife organization, said: “In this case, the motorcyclist was too subjective when he walked close to the herd of elephants at a slow speed. This made the elephants angry and angry. Their actions are predictable. Luckily this guy was not hurt at all.”

Elephants are extremely sensitive animals to sound, so loud noises coming from motorcycle engines disturb them. Once they feel threatened, the elephant will become excited and become extremely aggressive. Many cases of elephants attacking people in such ways as: stabbing people with their tusks, butting them with their feet, etc. have been recorded.




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