International scientists caught a ‘monster fish’ with a large mouth while exploring the Australian abyss

International scientists caught a fierce-looking fish with a wide mouth full of teeth while exploring the Australian abyss.

The research team on the ship Investigator of the National Oceanic Agency found a deep-sea lizard fish (Bathysauux ferox) while exploring a 4,000 m deep abyss in eastern Australia, National Geographic reported yesterday.

“I recognized the long spinal fin base of Bathysaurus ferox (the other species in this fish family, Bathysaurus mollis, has a short spinal fin base and a very small second row of fins near the tail). Their eyes and large teeth are distinctive. basic point to classify predators,” said researcher John Pogonoski at the Australian National Fish Collection.

Deep-sea lizard fish grow to a length of about 60 cm. In addition to their characteristic mouth full of sharp teeth, they have large blue-black eyes protruding from their heads. This fish usually lives at a depth of 1,500 – 2,400 m below the water surface, so people rarely encounter it. They are distributed in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

Deep-sea lizard fish are solitary species, often hunting by stalking their prey. When their prey swims by, they rush out and grab it quickly. The numerous sharp teeth surrounding the lizard fish’s jaws help push prey deeper into the mouth.

Food sources on the ocean floor for lizard fish are difficult to find, and pairing is even more difficult. To maximize their ability to reproduce, lizardfish evolved to become hermaphroditic, possessing both male and female genitalia, allowing them to mate with any member of their species that swam by.

The international research team will continue to explore the eastern Australian abyss until mid-June. They plan to use the results of the ocean floor survey to map and better understand the region’s biodiversity.

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